Hairneva: Hair Transplant

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Here are the incredible results a few months after my hair transplant at Hairneva Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. I was totally bald! I am very satisfied with the results and I recommend their services. 

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So I went to Istanbul to the Hairneva clinic to do a hair transplant with 6000 grafts and 12 hours of intervention with the DHI technique. I share with you these reports retracing the stages of this remarkable adventure, from the flight to the operation, including on-site visits and the results months after the intervention. 

My story in brief: I lost almost all my hair at the age of 19, 21 years later, at 40, while I had accepted this situation, I decided to change this situation by deciding to to have a hair transplant, I found the Hairneva clinic thanks to a friend who had been there. 

The DHI transplant technique is a method of extracting hair follicles one by one, like FUE. However, unlike the latter, the DHI hair transplant is entirely carried out by hand and the implantation of the grafts is perfectly controlled. In fact, the doctor uses a high-precision DHI hair injector which allows him to control the depth, angle and direction of implantation of each hair follicle following the natural implantation of the hair present on the periphery of the bald area. This technique leaves no scar unlike other methods.

The clinic is located in the Marriott Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, and is recognized worldwide for its expertise in the latest hair transplant techniques. I was skeptical at first but Hairneva has cutting-edge technologies and high-quality facilities, meeting European standards. I was impressed by the expertise, comfort, cleanliness and professionalism from the first appointment. Another advantage is the affordable cost of hair transplants in Turkey, the clinic offers complete packages. It is also possible to combine cultural visits on site.

The founder and surgeon of the clinic, Güncel Öztürk, trained at the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul and those of Yale and Miami in the USA, author of several works and recognized expert in his sector attracted me immediately because it is a sculptor and painter (like me), he makes unexpected links between aesthetic medicine, surgery and art, he somehow remodels the human body and face like a sculptor creating his work. His right-hand man, surgeon Alim Süleyman, is in the same line.