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We create amazing original content and we promote it!

Ben Heine creates stunning original designs, texts, drawings, photos, visual content, digital and traditional art, illustrations,  Pencil Vs Camera and Digital Circlism.

Ben Heine creates amazing and original video content for your company (interviews, reports, documentaries) and shares it on social networks for you at the best rates.

Ben Heine improves your marketing strategy, increasing your presence on social networks and promoting your content according to your budget.

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Uses of Solenoid Valves in Daily Life

Solenoid valves are widely used for controlling and managing the flow and other process variables with the help of a restrictor. In various applications and systems, the regulation of a fluid and its pressure affects the process.

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What to Expect from Halving 2024

Bitcoin halving is the process of reducing the reward of miners for a new block in the Bitcoin blockchain. Halving was originally included in the protocol and is performed approximately once every 4 years, or more precisely, every 210,000 blocks mined.

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How Can You Use AI To Promote Your Delta 8 Flower Business?

With AI capabilities like automation, data analytics, and machine learning, businesses can use limited resources more efficiently and maximize their marketing efforts for greater profits than ever before. This blog post explores seven ways entrepreneurs can leverage AI technology to promote their Delta 8 flower retailing ventures.

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Why Do People Prefer AI Tools To Learn About Delta 8 THC?

When it comes to learning about Delta 8 THC, more and more people are turning to AI tools for their information. These tools provide a vast array of accurate and reliable data that can help individuals better understand what it is, how it works, and what effects it can have.

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Our Latest Paint By Numbers

Paint yourself some of Ben Heine’s artworks and decorate your home or make a great gift

Turn Your Face To The Sun” Craft-ease™ Paint By Numbers – Exclusive Series (50 X 30 Cm)


Love” Craft-ease™ Paint By Numbers – Exclusive Series (30 X 50 Cm)


The Future Is Bright” Craft-ease™ Paint By Numbers – Exclusive Series (40 X 40 Cm)


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Ben Heine finds solutions that connect creativity and business

About Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a Belgian multidisciplinary content creator, marketing expert and world famous visual artist born in 1983 in Ivory Coast.

His name became famous in 2010 with the invention of a new art form titled “Pencil Vs Camera“. He is an accomplished illustrator and photographer, with numerous works widely regarded in both the art and design worlds. 

He is also the creator of other original art series titled “Digital Circlism“, “Flesh and Acrylic”, “Double Landscapes”… His creations have been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide and since 2010 his works have begun to populate art galleries and museums in Europe, Asia and Russia. His Pencil Vs Camera concept is taught by teachers in schools around the world.

Ben also has a Master degree in Journalism and 20 years of experience in marketing,  communication, copywriting, storytelling, visual art and video production.  He also produces and composes music.

Our Skills

Video Making 100%
Content Creation 100%
Marketing 100%
Photographie 100%
Advertising 100%
Music Writing 100%
Communication 100%
Drawing & Painting 100%
Exhibitions 99%

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