List of Ben Heine previous national and international solo and collective past exhibitions in prestigious art galleries, museums, festivals and events such as Bozar Museum, Harbour City, Kinepolis, Facts, Art Truc Troc, Moscow Planetarium, Affordable Art Fair, Accessible Art Fair, Culinaria, London Art Fair, Art London, Berliner Liste, Begramoff Gallery, Belgian Gallery, Soestdijk Palace, Brussels Royal Parc, Ankamall and many others! Organize an exhibition.
Paregrine Paris
02 Jul > 01 Feb 2024

Solo exhibition Ben Heine Photography Exhibited in Paris – Paregrine (Photos captured in Canada, Kenya, Thailand, Poland, Greece, Italy, Belgium, France).

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Paris, France

Ecole 13 Molenbeek
23 May > 23 Jun 2023

Exhibition of Pencil Vs Camera works by Ben Heine and students of Ecole 13 Molenbeek, in company of Education Minister Caroline Desir

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Brussels, Belgium

Bath House Cultural Center
01 May > 03 Aug 2023

Ben Heine Astro Cruise Art Series Collective Exhibition, “Tempus Peregrinari: A Time Travel Exhibition”, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, USA

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Dallas, USA

Chambre De Commerce De Bruxelles
09 Mar > 01 Jul 2023

Solo exhibition and live performances (Flesh and Acrylic) at Chambre de Commerce de Bruxelles (Beci) for the Good Morning Club

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500, Avenue Louise, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Espace Art Gallery
01 Jan > 01 Apr 2023

Ben Heine Exhibition at Espace Art Gallery in Brussels from January to April 2023

Rue de Laeken 83, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Itteq Japan
01 Sep > 30 Oct 2022

Live Performance and Ben Heine exhibition (Pencil Vs Camera) for ITTQ Japanese Reality show

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B19 Conference
11 Mar > 11 Mar 2020

Conférence au business club B19 aux Jeux d’Hiver à Bruxelles avec Ben Heine, Samuel Chappel et Julien Fouya, lors d’une soirée d’ancien de l’IHECS – Ihecs Alumni – Success Stories

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Gentleman ‘s Fair
27 Feb > 27 Feb 2020

I am at Gentleman’s Fair 2019 at Waregem Expo to draw a design on this old vintage Pacer car :

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Gentleman's Fair, 8790 Waregem, Belgium

Tmb Bank
01 Jan > 01 Jan 2020

Ben Heine Solo Exhibition (Pencil Vs Camera) for Trust Merchant Bank (TMB) in Congo, one of the biggest banks in Africa.

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Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, RDC

Ihecs 60/60
29 Mar > 29 Mar 2019

Collective Exhibition (Pencil Vs Camera) at Faculté d’Architecture La Cambre in Flagey, Brussels for the 60 years of Ihecs

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Brussels, Belgium

Bozar Brussels
02 Feb > 02 Feb 2019

Ben Heine exhibition at BOZAR (ART TRUC TROC), collaboration with IKEA, featuring Artworks of the Ben Heine Flesh and Acrylic series

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Bozar Museum, Brussels, Belgium

20 Dec > 20 Dec 2018

Solo Exhibition (Pencil Vs Camera, Ben Heine) at BiblioLouve (Bibliothèque Provinciale de La Louvière)

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La Louvière, Hainaut, Belgique