Limited Editions

General Information

All of Ben Heine’s Limited Editions prints are individually produced to reach the highest possible level of quality. When 20% of the total prints of an edition are sold, the purchase price increases by 15% ensuring that your investment increases in value.

Ben Heine’s photographs and digital works are printed in limited editions of 5, 8 or 15 in a specific dimension on high quality papers and with the official luxurious Diasec finishing. With correct archival framing the prints will last many years without any signs of fading (100 years resistance, in combination with a Diasec finishing), allowing you to decorate your walls while the value increases.

To ensure the authenticity of Ben’s artworks, each limited edition print is delivered with a certificate of authenticity featuring the title of the image, its dimension, the limited edition number, the date it was printed, Ben’s signature and fingerprint, information about the Diasec finishing, the ink and the paper quality and authenticity.

The Photographic Papers


FujiFlex is a Cibachrome look-alike paper with the same color capacities. FujiFlex has the same polyethylene base than the legendary Cibachrome paper and it offers the same super gloss and color guarantee including a UV resistance up to 100 years, in combination with a Diasec finishing. Moreover, FujiFlex has a very high maximal density. Values between 2.30 and 2.40 are no exceptions. The quality of this paper is incomparable with a very large colour gamut and an ultra high gloss pearlescent appearance. It also has a strong resistance to light fading and with correct mounting and framing will last for many years without any signs of quality loss.

limited edition

pson is the initial inventor of the term Digigraphie, which stands for a high quality level in which Fine Art Prints are being made with an Epson printer by using Ultra Chrome K3 ink. Epson printer technology enables artists to control the quality and quantity of their production. Digigraphie prevents any plagiarism as each piece of work is numbered, stamped and signed. Therefore, each print is by definition part of a limited edition series.

The Digigraphic printer of Epson contains a total of 11 different colors among 8 color inks and 3 different kinds of black ink. Ultra Chrome K3 inks have a broader gamut and a higher saturation compared to regular photo paper. Moreover, in combination with a Diasec finishing, this offers a color guarantee of at least 100 years. The Epson Fine Art Digigraphie label is only granted to companies that pursue the highest quality in printing work. Therefore, Authentic (Ben Heine’s lab) supplies an official certificate with every Diasec Digigraphie Fine Art print.

The Diasec Finishing

History and process

The patented Diasec process was invented by Heinz Sovilla Brulhart in Switzerland in the late 1960’s. The select ingredients for Diasec contain a closely guarded formula held by a few printing laboratories in the world. There are only a few license holders in Europe. “Authentic” (Ben Heine’s lab), based in Brussels, Belgium, is one of them.

The whole Diasec process is dedicated to mounting the print without air bubbles or smears. In this purpose, the print is directly glued to the acrylic glass, the result is a completely flat mount of the image. It also protects the image from dirt, dust, scratching and premature fading.

The Diasec gel is neutral curing and is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light. It contains no plasticizers and is resistant to fungicidal, bacterial agents, and air-bourne pollutants. After curing the whole airtight panel remains chemically inert and stable. The finished product remains flexible, enabling it to withstand changes in temperature and humidity.

Superior qualities

Because of the different light penetration and refraction of acrylic glass compared to normal glass, the colors are more brilliant, more contrasted, more saturated and the image looks sharper with more nuances and a fine detailed texture (100 years color warranty when combined with Fujiflex Super Glossy and Epson Mat Plus Papers).

This superior material quality brings a whole new dimension to the print that cannot be achieved with ordinary glazing methods. Diasec is widely displayed in museums and galleries throughout the world. It is certainly the most impressive and imposing way to showcase an image.

One of the particularities of Ben Heine’s prints resides in the fact that they are placed between two acrylic glass panels. This largely eliminates the adhesive tensions happening when various material types are used. The sides of Ben’s Diasec prints are polished so that more light falls sideways on the image, which means that the color gradations of the picture are expressed even more intensively. The rear panel includes a custom-made aluminum frame that allows the artwork to hang on the wall, from where it will appear to “float” with no obvious means of support.

Ben Heine’s Laboratory: Authentic

With more than 30 years of experience, “Authentic” is a Visual Communication company and a professional photo lab with an official Diasec license (The Diasec process is a registered trademark). “Authentic” produces digital prints and mounts them between plexiglass panels following the exact patented Diasec method (Diasec adhesion takes place by creating a chemical reaction between liquid components). There are only 2 labs in the world with the Diasec Licence. “Authentic” is one of them (the others labs are mounting companies). And it is the only lab in the world able to provide a certificate for Epson/Diasec and for FujiFlex/Diasec combinations.



General Information

All of Ben Heine’s drawings, illustrations and early paintings are also for sale. Click on any thumbnail in the Shop page to view the featured available pieces, their sizes, prices and the mediums used. Ben’s production counts several thousands drawings and illustrations, several hundreds paintings, and some sculptures. For a visit of his studio, contact the artist. Important note: All his traditional original drawings belonging to the “Pencil Vs Camera” series are not yet for sale as they will be exhibited all together when the series comes to an end.