Most of us think of creativity as the ability to paint a dramatic picture, write a bestselling book, design a beautiful building, or compose moving music. Creativity is more than that. It has no boundaries. In today’s world, creativity is needed more than ever.

Creativity is, in fact, a skill — not a gift — that can be learned and mastered by anyone at any age. Artists are coming up with creative concepts and fascinating other ideas all the time.

Whether you’re an artist involved in art creation, theatre, music creation or any other art disciplines, you can follow these simple 11 ideas to become a more creative person.

1. Look at things from a different perspective

tips to become a more creative person - ben heine art blog

When facing a conflicting situation, you should look at it using a different perspective. So from time to time, especially regarding issues that are controversial, try to take a step back and force yourself to explore alternative perspectives to your own immediate position. This is especially important when entering into any type of negotiation. Only when you manage to see the situation with the eyes of your counterpart, you will be able to reach a solution that would be long-term satisfactory to both parties. Thus, in the process, you may gain some creative skills that can be used to resolve issues in the future. Additionally, you should not fear to explain your point of view to others, thus utilize creative thinking. The skill acquired will resolve situations that society views as their norm. Thus, viewing things from different angles boosts creativity.

2. Keep the phone away

Trying to keep the phone away can help boost creativity. It allows to make maximum use of your time and concentrate on achieving your goals. Similarly, it will enable you to avoid procrastination of your daily tasks through your phones. Moreover, you should have a timetable with which you will use your phones. For example, you may use your phones during free time as part of your leisure time. Additionally, staying away from your phones ensures that you can apply innovation and creativity without consulting the views of others on social media. The avoidance of distractions ensures that you aim higher and use your abilities to tackle and resolve your issues.

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3. Forget your past experiences

tips to become a more creative person - ben heine art blog

It will help you to approach the past situations as new because it will require different techniques for resolving them. The idea of forgetting the previous experiences for resolving current issues helps a person to apply creativity. Therefore, when faced with a repetitive situation, you should use a different approach to solving it. According to the phrase, “you do not do the same thing using the same manner and expect a different result.” Thus, it means that when you wants to obtain a different result, you should use a different approach in tackling the situation. It shows that any problem requires a different approach to ensure that it does not reoccur in the future. Therefore, it helps increase the creativity of individuals.

4. Be resourceful and put yourself challenges

When you are undertaking your daily tasks as individual or teams, you should make sure they are resourceful. Therefore, you should engage your mind and make a maximum contribution to searching for answers to your different questions. You should research to familiarize with the known to look for the unknown concepts. Similarly, you may set your target and work to your maximum limit. The limit acts as your goal or motivation, and you will look for techniques to attain them. Therefore, you will apply creativity in solving the issue and attain even greater goals than you had anticipated. It shows that individuals should look for ways to go for higher and challenging tasks to use their skills and expertise. Painters for instance use their skills and creativity to come up with stunning artworks.

5. Stick to your deadlines

In the course of working, you may feel demotivated to continue working. However, by setting deadlines, you may pressure yourself and work no matter the situation or the boredom you face. Moreover, you should set a target that ensures that you do not waste a lot of time in other activities that are not beneficial. More time should be allocated to working, which will ensure that you have ample time to reconstruct and change the environment in which you work. Similarly, adhering to the deadlines ensures that you stay preoccupied and pressured to set deadlines. Additionally, you should motivate yourself after beating the deadline and accomplishing your goals. Such as organizing trips and relax your mind to enable you to refocus better on future tasks.

6. Keep a positive attitude

tips to become a more creative person - ben heine art blog
To be creative enough, you must accept even the challenging assignments that may be directed to you. Therefore, by accepting new challenges, you can acquire the self-drive motivation to achieve the assigned task no matter its complications. Additionally, it is a source of new opportunities that may be beneficial to you at some point. For example, in the course of working, you can discover a new and simplified method of tackling the assignment. Therefore, you should look at the situation beyond what is visible, and no matter the complexity of the assignment, something good can come out of it. However, it requires persistence and hard work to notice the opportunity that can arise in the process. It shows that situations are a source of motivation for individuals to rediscover themselves and find opportunities in the future.

7. Record all activities that happen

It mostly happens in children’s life who try to cultivate the culture of saving their work in a compiled matter. The child will later use it to improve its creativity and develop a new method of doing things separately from what was done previously. Moreover, people should take photos to take them as evidence of their daily operations. In doing that, they may develop an idea to come up with the invention to make work easier, such as the recording procedure may be automated using digital technology to make it more effective and efficient. Therefore, recording will act as a source of developing a culture of creativity that will be useful to both the individual and the society.

8. Associate yourself with the innovators

You should try to associate yourself with others to improve your creativity networks. Learn from the people who have succeeded. You can learn from others, such as the approach they use in tackling a specific situation. You will later devise a different technique that will be used to solve a similar problem. It will help create a society full of creative thinkers and innovators at the same time. Society will drastically improve by using creativity as a new approach to solving tactical situations that may arise in society. To deduce creative ideas, we must collaborate well with other members of the society.

9. Do not follow the rules too much

It is important to follow rules that are given by the management, and it helps in attaining promotions. However, for one to be creative enough, they should cease themselves from following the directed orders. Additionally, lack of rules enables individuals to devise a method that will best suit them, putting in mind the organization’s needs or the society they live in. Thus, there should be free will for one to do what best suits them by offering them the opportunity to be more creative. In a simple way: think out of the box.

10. Mix ideas together

An individual who wants to be creative should mix together various ideas. Joining ideas together can be used to resolve problems that frequently occur in a company or in society. Therefore, one has to try to combine the ideas. It gives room for creativity to be applied and rule out using the same ideas. To get ideas, they should focus and concentrate to achieve maximum satisfaction. For example, joining risk management ideas with production or financing decisions will ensure that the person comes up with ideas that will offer maximum benefit.

11. Travel more

Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth of thought, the ability to take deep connections between disparate forms. The key, critical process is multicultural engagement, immersion, and adaptation. Someone who lives abroad and doesn’t engage with the local culture will likely get less of a creative boost than someone who travels abroad and really engages in the local environment.

What a lot of psychological research has shown now is that the ability to engage with people from different backgrounds than yourself, and the ability to get out of your own social comfort zone, is helping you to build a strong and acculturated sense of your own self.

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