4 Top Reasons A Cyber Security Degree Is Worth It

4 Top Reasons A Cyber Security Degree Is Worth It

Cyber insecurities are turning out to be more pronounced every year. Organizations are often victims of security threats and breaches. It has, however, caused organizations that assume critical roles in people’s lives to do all they can to protect themselves.

Organizations like healthcare facilities, government agencies, schools, banks, etc., that have vital information about the public in their care need cybersecurity to prevent breaches and cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity professionals prevent unlicensed access, alteration, and damage of information within organizations. If you are ready to step up to keep organizations’ data safe but wonder if a cyber security degree is worth it, then this article is written for you.

Enjoy as you read through the below-discussed reasons for you to give a cyber security degree a good consideration.

4 Top Reasons A Cyber Security Degree Is Worth It
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What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security professionals are concerned with protecting computer networks and the data of individuals and organizations from both internal and external breaches.

Cyber security experts’ roles are usually specific. They can be responsible for protecting sensitive information from breaches, investigating cybercrime, or identifying potential loopholes in networks.

As the reliance of people on the internet grows, there has been a corresponding increase in the need for cyber security measures. Cyber security professionals have real-life influences on individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Maybe you are not convinced on how a cyber security degree is worth it, the following reasons should shed light on it.

Cyber Security Roles Are In High Demand

Due to the task and cost involved in becoming a cyber security expert, the availability of cyber security jobs is an important factor to consider when applying for a cyber security degree.

You may want assurance that once you complete a degree program, you would be able to secure good employment. The great thing about cyber security and other related jobs is that they are careers on the rise.

As predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cyber security jobs are expected to experience a growth of 33% by 2029. This growth rate is estimated to be about 16,300 available jobs each year.

High Income Earning

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There is a short supply of qualified cyber security experts, as a result, employers are ready to pay handsomely to employ and keep the services of the available ones. It is not news that cyber breaches will continue to be on the rise due to the daily advancement in technology.

An attack on an organization can cost such an organization millions of dollars, thereby the need to always protect against any cyber security threat or breach. Employers prefer to pay cyber security professionals well (an amount which is little compared to what could be lost during a cyber breach) to prevent any form of cyber threat.

As of May 2021, the median annual salary of security analysts is $102,600 as reported by the BLS. Even if you take an entry-level role in cyber security, your earnings will be attractive. Additional certifications, skills, and on-the-job experience are a sure bet to improving your salary.

A Degree In Cyber Security Guarantees Job Security

There is not a better time to consider a career in cyber security than now. As a result of the continuous increase in frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, the supply of cyber security experts is far below the demand. This is a sure way to guarantee the job security of qualified cyber security experts. 

Employers can’t help but keep cyber security professionals in their possessions. If there is a need to acquire more skills, many employers prefer to fund their cyber security experts to acquire such skills.

As long as you continue to prove indispensable, your job position is always available to you except if there is a bigger position for you to fill in.

Ability To Work In Various Industries

4 Top Reasons A Cyber Security Degree Is Worth It
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Another good thing about a cyber security degree is that your job is not limited to the technology field. In the world of today where technology has taken over, every company in all industries needs the services of cyber security experts to protect their information and that of their clients.

Your skills and certifications can be put to use in any industry that needs cybersecurity protection ranging from financial institutions, law enforcement, health care facilities, education, and insurance to other available fields.

This way you can be confident to work in other fields of your interest apart from the technology field in any capacity of your choice.

Get Your Cyber Security Degree Today

With many companies’ continuous struggle in finding qualified cyber security experts, now is the best moment to get your cyber security degree. 

Whether your motivation is from high demand, huge pay, advancement potential, or job security. You should consider obtaining a cyber security degree that best suit you. With a plethora of online cybersecurity courses in Australia and anywhere in the world, finding one that suits you should not be a challenge at all. Take this decision today and be surprised by the impact it will have on you and society at large.

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