The Best Free Online Tools to Make College Life Easier

The Best Free Online Tools to Make College Life Easier

Whether you like them or not, modern technologies have ingrained themselves into the life of the majority of people worldwide. New technology is a natural part of their everyday lives and routines. From emailing and social media to electronic fax and video conferences, we now live in a world where everything can be done digitally. Learn about which are The Best Free Online Tools to make college life easier ?

The majority of students nowadays are unable to digest knowledge in other ways; some require a screen, a video, or a quiz in order to study more effectively, which is the main reason why it is crucial to integrate modern technology into the classroom.

So what are the best online tools available for students today?


Students may use Animoto to create a 30-second movie showcasing what they’ve learned in class. Animoto can be set up by anybody over the age of 13 in only a few minutes.

Students should go to Animoto and sign up using their school email address to get started. To begin creating their first video, users must log into Animoto when they’ve completed the set-up process.

The Best Free Online Tools to Make College Life Easier


Quizlet is a website and mobile app that enhances students’ learning through a variety of study materials including flashcards and quizzes with an interactive element.

On Quizlet, teachers may build up their own classes and exchange study materials with their pupils. You have two options for creating your study sets: either start from scratch or look for pre-made sets to modify and utilize in your classes. Quizlet is undoubtedly a fantastic game-based learning tool with enormous educational potential.


An essay conclusion generator is a piece of software that can, depending on the body of the essay that you’ve already written, generate the last section of your work. A significant number of students fail to see the value of having a conclusion. They have the misconception that after they have finished writing their thesis and body, all of their work will be done, and they will be able to relax. As a direct consequence of this, they lack the drive to put any effort into the previous paragraph, which is an enormous oversight on their part.

An essay’s conclusion should provide a synopsis of the entire piece and assist readers recall the information they’ve just read. The GradeFixer’s conclusion generator for free is one of the most useful tools for students , other writing tools pale in comparison. A conclusion calls for a rather mechanical kind of essay writing, which is why it is something that can be efficiently done by a generator. Students of different levels will discover that it is an exceptionally helpful resource.


A powerful yet extremely simple feedback platform called AnswerGarden attempts to make it easier for instructors to respond to students’ questions.
Due to the fact that this platform is entirely digital, it may be utilized for hybrid or remote learning as well as in-person instruction.

Word clouds’ ability to facilitate concise and unambiguous replies is used throughout this.

Additionally, it has a live, real-time participation component that enables integration into the learning process or usage for tasks like brainstorming.

PDF Reader

Demand for paperless file and document sharing has increased as our world continues to become more digital. PDFs and other types of digital files may help bridge the gap between online and in-person learning, as well as expedite a variety of activities, such as the submission of homework, the sharing of materials with teachers, and more.

PDF Reader is equipped with features that allow users to freely alter original documents by adding highlighters, comments, and drawings. Additionally, PDF Reader can convert files to any and all sorts of documents (.pdf, .docx, .ppt, and more).


NoteLedge is not your average mobile app for taking notes. These days, taking notes digitally is all the rage, and not just the monotonous typing sort. NoteLedge is a digital note-taking platform that encourages the use of multimedia elements and streamlines the note-taking process in the manner of your choosing.

NoteLedge not only allows users to take notes and create mood boards using pre-made templates, a variety of pens, and several other editing tools, but it also allows users to incorporate audio recordings and movies into their notebooks. With the use of a web clipper, it is also possible for students to copy and paste information and images from many internet sites into their notes. Learners have the ability to quickly convert notes to PDFs that include audio and video, as well as switch into presentation mode so that they may deliver their presentations to an online audience.

Final thoughts

It’s a good idea to use technology in the classroom. Access, transparency, and opportunity are all made possible thanks to technological advancements. You may watch videos, read books, listen to music and play games on any mobile device that has a touchscreen. To convey a message or create an experience, the various modes of light, color, and sound are organized in a certain way.

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