The Awareness Funnel: Maximizing Your Brand Exposure Across All Channels

Maximizing Your Brand Exposure Across All Channels

A solid marketing plan incorporates three parts of the buyer’s journey: awareness, engagement, and consideration. During the awareness stage, your primary objective is to make your company’s name known. You want potential clients to become familiar with your brand and what you offer. Learn how to Maximizing Your Brand Exposure Across All Channels. 

You can think of the awareness funnel as an introduction to your company. You’re just getting to know your client, and they’re becoming more familiar with you. 

Like two people who meet in a coffee shop, you might casually exchange names or basic information. From there, though, your newfound connection will either continue forward or fizzle out entirely.

The awareness stage is very casual. If your potential client likes what you offer, they’ll engage further. However, they’ll leave if they don’t require your services or perceive that your competitors have more to offer. 

To maximize your exposure among potential clients and improve brand awareness, you’ll need to use multiple channels to reach them. Here’s how to get started.

1. Define Where Your Audience Is

Where are your clients most likely to find your brand: through a Google search, social media, review sites, or some other platform? You’ll want to ensure that you have a presence everywhere your clients are most likely to be found.

You should start your brand exposure on the same platforms that your audience frequents. This will make it easier for them to find you or stumble across your company in the natural course of their online lives.

It’s also recommended to optimize your marketing materials to fit the platforms you use for brand awareness. For instance, Instagram is based on pictures. You’ll likely bring in followers if you have attractive photographs or short videos that appeal to your audience.

LinkedIn is best for companies that sell to professionals or other businesses. You can use LinkedIn to share content relevant to your clients’ needs or to simply advertise your company’s services.

Local businesses can benefit from claiming their business on Google Maps and relevant review sites. When clients need products or services your company offers, they’ll quickly find you when they search your local area.

2. Don’t Use the Same Content on Every Channel

Ideally, you’ll want to provide different content on every channel you use. If you use the same message on all of your marketing platforms, you’ll quickly lose the interest of your audience. 

Crafting different messages for all of your marketing channels probably sounds like hard work, and it is. However, it will pay off in the long run, as your audience will likely follow you in more than one place. This helps maximize your exposure and enables you to stand out as a unique brand.

If creating different marketing messages for all your platforms sounds exhausting, there are a few ways to maximize your time while still delivering value for your clients. One method involves repurposing your content for different channels.

For instance, suppose that you have a 10-minute YouTube video that attracts many viewers. You could divide the video into shorter segments and use it for commercials or smart TV ads. Similarly, you could transform a 10,000-word blog post into a short e-book or case study.


3. Keep All Your Channels Active

Once you start using multiple channels to generate brand awareness, you must keep them active. You can’t let your Twitter account gather dust or stop creating content for your company’s website.

If people come across a channel you previously used but haven’t posted to in a while, they may think your company is no longer active. That’s a bad look for a brand, especially if you’re still very much in business.

Maintaining multiple channels can be a real headache, especially for new companies with limited staff. You can consider outsourcing some of the work to qualified professionals or hiring someone to help you keep up with your marketing efforts.

Established businesses typically have a marketing staff to manage their advertising across multiple channels or work with an agency that handles it for them. This makes ensuring an active presence much easier. That said, you should always keep a close eye on the quality and results of your team’s efforts. 

You’ll want to carefully monitor each marketing channel for the traffic and engagement they receive and then tweak your strategies based on what you find. This will help you continue to build your audience on each channel.

The More Exposure Your Brand Has, the More Likely You Are to See Results

Increasing your brand’s presence across multiple channels is an effective way to attract a large audience. Just make sure to keep all your platforms active so you maintain your visibility. Over time, you’ll reap the benefits of higher customer engagement and sales.

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0 Comments on "The Awareness Funnel: Maximizing Your Brand Exposure Across All Channels"

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