Uses of Solenoid Valves in Daily Life

Uses of Solenoid Valves in Daily Life

Solenoid valves are widely used for controlling and managing the flow and other process variables with the help of a restrictor. In various applications and systems, the regulation of a fluid and its pressure affects the process. That’s why a proportional solenoid valve has become the basic need of various processes. Know more about Uses of Solenoid Valves in Daily Life.

Here we listed some places where a solenoid operated valve is used commonly:

Irrigation System:

A solenoid proportional valve is used in irrigation systems to make it efficient and smart. It controls the flow rate of the water and keeps the pressure low as per the requirement of the system so that it can operate precisely. Once a value is set then it works automatically by opening or closing the passage to deliver the expected flow rate and pressure.

Coolant System:

In a coolant system, a proportional solenoid valve plays a vital role in managing the flow of the antifreeze and cleaning solutions. It empowers the user to set the value of the opening of the passage. It helps to define the direction of the flow, manage the flow rate and distribute the coolant appropriately.

Hydraulic Equipment:

Today, various types of solenoid valves are available for fulfilling the need of different applications. They are also used in hydraulic equipment where they serve as an important part of the closed-loop system. This system requires accurate control and precision and it is achieved with the help of a solenoid valve.

Gas Furnace:

In large furnaces, where bakery items are prepared for the end users, it’s crucial to manage the flow of the gas and pressures to avoid overheating and to maintain the required temperature inside the furnace. A proportional solenoid valve is commonly used in the furnaces because of its accuracy and providing the user with strong control over the process variables. The feedback signal tells the controller that the desired temperature is maintained inside the furnace and the controller shuts off the proportional flow control valve to cut down the flow of the gas. So that the required temperature can be retained inside the furnace.

Ventilation Machine:

The main function of a ventilation machine is to provide the respiratory air to the lungs of the patients. Approximately all of us may have seen this machine in hospitals. They are used when a patient is suffering from a breathing disorder. In this situation, it’s crucial to supply the right flow and pressure of the respiratory air to the patient. A precise flow rate is necessary for providing quality treatment.

Braking System:

A flow valve is commonly used in the braking system of vehicles. Here it controls the pressure that is delivered to the rear wheels of the vehicles. It helps to prevent the rear wheel lock-up when the brake is applied. The rear brake requires less pressure as compared to the front brakes. Meanwhile, a control valve helps in stopping the vehicle safely.

Final Words:

A proportional solenoid valve is ideal for various domestic and industrial systems. Because they are capable of improving the efficiency and performance of the systems, machines and equipment.

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