8 GoPro Video Editors For Macs and Windows

8 GoPro Video Editors For Macs and Windows

Are you a GoPro video maker? If so, you will need specialized editing software to fix lens distortion, speed up or slow down footage, support MP4 files, stabilize shaky footage, etc. Before knowing of the GoPro video editors, here’s know more details about 8 GoPro Video Editors For Macs and Windows.

  • macOS

GoPros are compact action cameras for capturing videos and cameras in extreme conditions. Macs are loved by most editors, and if you wonder how to connect Go Pro to MacBook, you can connect it via Image Capture. In addition, you can transfer files to Mac through an SD card.

  • Windows

If you use a Windows computer to edit your GoPro videos, you can connect it via a USB cable. The icon will be displayed as a blue dot in the status bar.

It would be best if you used the right editing software for the final result of the videos you have captured. So if you want sophisticated videos to rake up viewers on Instagram, YouTube, or other platforms, here are the top video editors for Mac and Windows.

1. Video Converter Ultimate

Developed by Aiseesoft, Video Converter Ultimate is a professional video editor. The software offers tools to convert and edit GoPro videos.

You can use this software to enhance, edit, merge, trim, or crop videos. In addition, time-lapse effects, filters, watermarks, and stylish transitions can be applied to the videos. Moreover, you can rotate and stabilize the videos, equalize sound, etc.

If there are fish-eye effects in the GoPro photos and videos, you can remove them.

2. iMovie

Apple develops iMovie, and it is compatible with iOS and Mac devices. It is an excellent video editing software for GoPro and is easy to start. You can use this software to edit your videos whether you are a beginner or an expert.

The app has easy drag and drop options to edit videos quickly. Thanks to the user-friendly editing features, you can easily clip, merge and crop GoPro videos and even adjust video speed, add titles, and more.

The app’s advanced features include the split screen effect, picture-in-picture effect, GoPro stabilization, etc.

You can also use several movie trailer templates to make your videos Hollywood-style. Then, quickly share the videos through Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, email, etc.

3. Lightworks

Lightworks is an application compatible with Macs, Windows, and Linux platforms. The app is used in the cinema industry and has been around for over 25 years.

The app enables users to import all media files, and the videos can be uploaded across social media platforms. Moreover, thanks to the instant autosave function, you will never lose your work.

4. GoPro Studio

GoPro Studio is the official GoPro video editor designed for beginners. It is one of the most used editors for editing GoPro footage.

The program is user-friendly with an intuitive interface. You can view, edit, trim, and export the files. In addition, there are impressive presets, merge features, and advanced settings allowing you to format, change frames per second or add time-lapse effects.

The edited videos can be uploaded to social media platforms.

5. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a robust editing software with comprehensive action-cam features like an Action Camera Center. It has specialized features in one place and lots of cool templates, effects, titles, filters, etc. You can explore the different tools and features to create a masterpiece.

Using this program, you can stabilize shaky action videos, apply speed effects in minutes, correct fish-eye distortion, and more. You can even freeze frames, apply slow motion, etc.

The software helps in fixing color problems from filming underwater or in snow.

6. Windows Movie Maker

For Windows users, Window Movie Maker is the most basic GoPro video editor. It is an excellent software to get started and provides all the basic editing tools.

The software supports splitting, cropping, and cutting videos, along with adding watermarks, subtitles, and background music. In addition, you can apply several effects to your videos, like slow motion, time-lapse and more.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a popular product from the Adobe family. It helps professionals to edit videos according to their requirements. The software can handle all video formats and accurately tracks the motion. In addition, you can share the edited videos on any platform, including social media platforms and email.

The software costs %20.99 per month.

8. Video Pad

Video Pad is a free video editor and includes over fifty filter effects. In addition, you can try the unique transition effects to make your GoPro videos come to life.

Choose from the default templates to improve the appearance of your videos. You can also leverage the in-built sound effect library to add unique tracks for your videos.

The edited videos can be shared across online platforms, and the editing takes place without data loss. However, the app’s drawback is its incompatibility with Android devices and not for beginners.


These are GoPro video editors to add to your list. They will enhance your videos and make them worthy of your audience.

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