Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Incredible Sketching Effects


By using sketch Photoshop actions, you can turn an image into a drawing in just a few steps. Besides, you won’t need to spend much time applying some original effects to your images at the post-production stage. You can make your photo more original by using oil painting, outline, watercolor, digital and pencil sketch effects. Know more about Free and Paid Photoshop for Sketching Effects in detail.

10 Free and Paid Sketch Photoshop Actions

All these Photoshop sketch actions can be applied in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and the latest version, Creative Cloud. Besides, to enhance your images with original effects, you can use any device with macOS or other operating systems.

All actions are in ATN format. You can apply them to RAW and JPG files. To start using these effects, save and install them on your computer. Then, go to the Action palette, choose “Load Actions” from the drop-down list and select the necessary file. By taking these simple steps, you can create realistic watercolor, cartoon or dispersion effects.



1. Oil Paint Free Sketch Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Photoshop for Sketching Effects

Use these free Photoshop actions for creating impressive, realistic images. Photoshop offers six actions that can be adjusted to your liking. To apply any sketch Photoshop action, you can use such options as brush drawing, pain strokes, digital painting, etc. Besides, you can configure the settings of each action manually to fit your unique style. You can apply these actions to various image files, including RAW and JPG.

2. Watercolor Painter Sketch Photoshop Actions


It is actually a set of three actions that allow experimenting with watercolor effects and enhancing your images in a few clicks. With a Watercolor Painter Photoshop sketch action, you can create thematic portraits by using realistic textures, splashes, etc. You will also get access to high-quality brushes and templates in one file. Use high-resolution images for achieving the best possible results.

3. Professional Sketch Photoshop Actions


By downloading this package, you will get five professional Photoshop actions for creating real pieces of art. With it, you can create a pencil, watercolor, outline or digital sketch. The numerous layers offered by this package allow playing with effects and creating perfect images.

4. Oil Painting Sketch Photoshop Actions


For implementing your creative ideas, take a look at the Oil Painting collection of actions. It contains 5 professional actions, as well as 20 high-quality brushes that will help you create an oil-painted picture in just a few clicks. Oil Painting Photoshop sketch action is perfect for customizing portrait and landscape pictures. You can also modify each layer according to your preferences.

5. Pop Art Sketch Photoshop Actions

pop-art-sketch-photoshop -actions_2

This collection includes 12 pop-art actions and 35 add-ons for transforming your images into an elegant blend of comics and painting. These actions will enhance your photos, making them more interesting and textured. Once the desired effect is applied, you can also further edit a photo according to your preferences.

6. Glitch Sketch Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Photoshop for Sketching Effects

After saving this collection to your PC, you will get twenty-five actions for applying sketch effects to various images. With the help of this Photoshop sketch effect, you can create curved lines and wavy distortions. Besides, you can make frozen or static visuals, invert colors, etc. This action will surely please you with high-quality and professional results.

7. VHS Sketch Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Photoshop for Sketching Effects

Enhance your photos by applying these vintage sketch actions that will help you create a classic VHS look in a few seconds. You can fully transform your photos for achieving the perfect nostalgic style by adding glitches in the form of lines, like on old VHS videotapes. This collection includes 20 actions and 20 extras.

8. Cartoon Sketch Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Photoshop for Sketching Effects

Cartoon Photoshop sketch action creates a quick and easy effect inspired by impressionist paintings. It also offers tricolor comic, pixel game and comic book effects. In the collection, you will find seven professional actions that can be used with CS5 versions and higher. These effects allow achieving impressive results and customizing your photos.

9. Dispersion Sketch Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Photoshop for Sketching Effects

Use the actions from this collection for creating dispersion effects. The package offers three actions and 23 professional brushes for creating real pieces of art. The dispersion effects are great for customizing sport and action photography producing the illusion of motion and focusing on the moving subject.

10. Color Double Exposure Sketch Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Photoshop for Sketching Effects

If you are in search of a Photoshop sketch action that allows producing stunning double-exposure effects, pay attention to this collection. This package offers 16 premium Photoshop actions. You can enhance your photos by performing color correction, applying vintage effects and adding highlights.

Once the process is started, you can modify colors and contrast, including some gradients that are provided. Simply upload your images and run the action to create all 16 effects. It makes it easy to select the best colors by turning layers on and off.

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