7 Threatening Cyberattacks That Require Robust Cybersecurity Measures

7 Threatening Cyberattacks That Require Robust Cybersecurity Measures

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7 Threatening Cyberattacks That Require Robust Cybersecurity Measures

The world of the internet has advanced stunningly, bringing us closer than ever while equipping us with revolutionary benefits. However, it’s in human nature to think negatively and so, we’re faced with internet troubles named cyberattacks.

Almost 31% of global organizations faced cyberattacks in 2021. According to the reports, the attacks are expected to be doubled in the upcoming years since everything is dependent upon online activities.

However, it’s not just the ordinary online attacks that are a menace. Some of these are quite devastating when it comes to damaging a user’s device and data. The significance of learning cyber security has increased as attacks nowadays have immensely spiked up, this is the reason a lot of reputed institutes have started offering various Cyber Security Program for people who wish a career change. As the demand for cyber security professionals grows, obtaining certifications such as IAT Level III can increase your marketability and potential for higher salary in the field.

We’re here to shed light on some of these, educating you to take protective measures. So, let’s get started:

1.    DoS & DDoS

The Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are some of the most notorious hacks that the internet world faces. The frequency of these attacks increased by more than 70% during 2021, especially during peak COVID restrictions.

The attack results in a continuous bombardment of spam content on the primary communication hub or server. This results in continuous disconnection and server outage, resulting in disconnection. Even the name itself spreads fear amongst tech nerds.

For prevention, secure internet connection, robust antivirus, and safe browsing techniques must be adopted. The latter is up to you but as for a safe internet connection, we recommend Windstream.

The internet service provider is reputed for high-end internet protection via award-winning Kinetic Secure software, giving the ultimate security. Simply visit https://www.localcabledeals.com/windstream/, choose a plan, and get sorted instantly.

7 Threatening Cyberattacks That Require Robust Cybersecurity Measures

2.    Phishing

With an 80 % increase in the frequency of attacks since 2020, phishing is one of the most common yet haunting and perilous cyberattacks. It involves sending a malicious link via an email, text message, voice note, etc. Upon opening, the link steals and shares the device’s data with the sender.

The hacker then uses this for any purpose (stealing, blackmailing, extortion, etc.). It takes seconds for the malicious link to achieve this goal, and only the presence of the mind is able to prevent this attack/ situation.

In most cases, the hacker disguises this link in spamming messages and emails. Hence, anyone opens them unknowingly, which is why preliminary protection is needed to prevent receiving such content in the first place.

3.    Vishing

Similar to phishing, vishing is another prevailing cyberattack that is wreaking havoc on online users. Contrary to phishing, it’s based on online interaction with the victim via a phone call or voice message.

The sender claims to be someone from a reputed organization, particularly from the insurance, bank, or medical facility that the victim opts for. The message is a carefully crafted audio response that convinces the victim into sharing personal and financial details.

Once done, the hacker then uses this information to steal finances, use it for identity theft, or any other way, whichever they like. More than 59% of US citizens fell into a vishing trap in 2021, which makes it alarmingly dangerous.

7 Threatening Cyberattacks That Require Robust Cybersecurity Measures

4.    Malware (and its types)

Malware is like a mouse – it’s there but you aren’t aware until you see your cheese slices running unusually low. That is the case for common malware. However, that’s not why malware is dangerous.

Common types of malware such as ransomware, spyware, Trojan viruses, etc. are notorious for their menacing damages. For starters, more than 80% of ransomware attacks succeeded in encrypting 47% of the data of the victim, resulting in extortion.

Fearsome right? Stats show that almost 90% of total users aren’t aware of spyware on their systems while 93% of total computers have spyware components in them!

We all might be aware of what Edward Snowden shared regarding spying techniques and methods intelligence agencies used or still use. Therefore, it’s one of the most crippling cyberattacks, which is why protection against malware should be your topmost priority.

5.    Brute Force Attack

Another form of cyberattack that makes going online hell for the users is the brute force attack. When this attack is initiated, it rigorously inputs various combinations of characters to crack login credentials.

We can recall how thieves infiltrate super secure databases by running some keys; it starts loading and when the bar is completed, it allows access and our hero exclaims ‘Im in!’ Well, that’s a brute-force attack for you.

According to the stats, an almost 160% increase was seen in brute force attacks, targeting almost 26% of organizations every week. It’s an alarming situation and not having protective measures against such an attack can lead to crucial data loss and further dire consequences.

7 Threatening Cyberattacks That Require Robust Cybersecurity Measures

6.    Keyloggers

Although it’s somewhat a kind of spyware, a keylogger is used to record every stroke made on the keyboard as an input. It’s like observing the pattern lock on someone’s screen but more sophisticatedly.

You might be wondering how this keystroke-capturing software is going to capture data like that. Well, similar to other malware, a keylogger is installed in the background when a user clicks on any malicious link, email, etc.

Once installed, it silently runs in the background similar to other malware, resulting in data theft and ultimately losing control since the hacker knows your potential passwords. Although, it’s something not that serious, still, 723 attacks were registered in 2020, 23% of which were disguised as help for COVID.

7.    Cross-site Scripting (XSS)

Attacking a secure website is easy when you know what is cross-site scripting. Hackers using XSS can send malicious links to applications and websites. These links have executable but malicious scripts that automatically inject themselves into the website’s/ application’s script.

Once that happens, the malicious script does its job. It can be hacking the entire site/ app, stealing information from users, inputs, or data of any sort, or crashing the target. Nearly 40% of cyberattacks comprised cross-site scripting in 2019.

Almost 60% of total web applications are susceptible to XSS attacks, which makes it quite troublesome. Imagine Google going down with this (Google administrators high-end security practices to prevent such instances from ground zero)

Closing Thoughts

Protection against cyberattacks is important; however, being knowledgeable about these threats is crucial since only then you can truly equip yourself with the right defenses. We’ve shared insights on some of the prominent yet dangerous cyberattacks that should be readying your protective measures for. Just ensure to equip yourself with the right tools as well as get a secure internet connection to minimize the event of these threats.

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