How to Choose the Perfect Silent Disco Headphones

How to Choose the Perfect Silent Disco Headphones

Silent discos are a re-emerging concept that enhances the way people experience music. This trend is an event where people can enjoy a variety of music from various channels. Learn How to Choose the Perfect Silent Disco Headphones.

Just like any other event with music, a DJ operates a transmitter that provides up to three channels of music. If party-goers grow tired of the genre of music they’re listening to, they can simply change the channel and enjoy a different option for music.

The concept was first established in the 1990’s when protestors developed a way to lessen noise pollution, then it resurfaced in 2005 when the term was used during the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Today, silent discos are trending quietly, but are becoming more and more popular.

If you’re invited to a silent disco, it’s expected that you bring your own set of headphones. Any ordinary pair of headphones won’t work for a silent disco, so ensure you purchase the right set before attending.

Some tips on how to choose the best silent disco headphones are:

Wireless Technology

To have the best silent disco headphones, you need the best wireless connectivity capabilities. Ensure you choose headphones with a long range so you can walk around a venue without losing connection. Short range is considered around 200 meters and long range is about 500 meters.

Battery Life

An adequate battery life is 8 hours. The average battery life for this type of headphone is 8 to 10 hours. An excellent battery life for silent disco headphones is 12 hours.

Audio Channels

When choosing the perfect silent disco headphones for you, ensure you choose a set that provides the maximum amount of audio channels, which is three.


When searching your options for silent disco headphones, look at the IP rating. An IP rating determines a headphones resistance to water. Since you’ll be dancing and working up a sweat, it’s important your headphones have a good IP rating.


An important tip to remember is to look for silent disco headphones that are built with lightweight, plastic material.


An important question to ask yourself before you buy silent disco headphones is: how much am I willing to spend?

Silent disco headphones cost anywhere between $300 and $1,500. You must also ask yourself how often you’re going to use them.

If you’re only attending one event, there’s always the option to rent silent disco headphones.

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