Top 10 Instagram Video Marketing Tips

Top 10 Instagram Video Marketing Tips

These days, successful brands must have an Instagram presence. But IG is a highly dynamic and visual whirlpool that can swallow your content in seconds. Consumers have an infinite amount of content to surf, so why should they stop for 15 seconds to watch yours?

Running a successful IG campaign isn’t easy, but there are some tricks and tools that can help you reach a lot more viewers.

We’ve compiled the 10 most important tips for video marketing on Instagram below. These tips are easy to implement, and they all make a huge difference. Learn more about Top 10 Instagram Video Marketing Tips.

1. Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

When it comes to social media marketing, many brands still take the approach of “Let’s hire a social media person and they will take care of everything.”

10 years ago that was fine, but now, your IG videos need to be carefully planned and coordinated if you hope to make an impact.

Here’s a basic blueprint of how to plan an Instagram video marketing campaign:

  • Research: Your IG audience may differ from your overall target
  • Brainstorm: Develop multiple ideas as a team
  • Script/Storyboard: Carefully plan your language, tone, shots, and lighting to trim costs
  • Feedback: Consult consumers and colleagues (do this BEFORE you launch your campaign)

2. Ten Seconds to Impress

Less is more on Instagram. The average user spends only 6-10 seconds watching a video, so you’ve got about 10 seconds to make an impression.

On the bright side, this will definitely cut back on production costs. However, making an engaging micro-video is a big challenge.

Instead of pitching, make an emotional appeal to hook the viewer using humor, joy, or suspense. Use your viewer’s gut reaction to your advantage!

3. Consider a Business Profile

Top 10 Instagram Video Marketing Tips

Even if your business is new, you should go for a business profile on Instagram. Business profiles have clear benefits for brands, such as ad creation tools. You can also access Instagram Insights, which is a suite of analytics tools to help you understand how your videos are engaging your target (more on that next).

The biggest benefit of a business profile is that customers can click through your ads and stories to go directly to your website. That makes it really easy to get leads into your sales funnel.

4. Use IG Insights

Instagram Insights is a very useful set of analytics tools that you get for free with your IG account.

These analytics don’t just tell you if your content is a hit, but they also help you define your target so you can make better videos in the future. You get easy-to-peruse data on demographics, location, age, and even the hours that your target is most active on Instagram.

Once you post, you get a lot of details on engagement per video, including the number of impressions your post got and how it stacks up compared to your other videos.

Insights is valuable and free…so use it!

5. Post Stories

Don’t just run ads on Instagram. Use stories to feature products, introduce your company, give teasers, run promotions, and update your fans on how things are going.

Stories have a lower reach rate than posts, so don’t dedicate all of your time to them. However, they are important to your most loyal customers. Stories add authenticity to your marketing because they tend to be less polished than carefully planned posts. These authentic moments are effective at fortifying customer loyalty.

6. Partner with Influencers

Top 10 Instagram Video Marketing Tips

Influencer relationships are the key to getting more videos on IG at a (potentially) lower cost. It’s easy enough to find influencers on various marketplaces, but it takes a lot of effort to build relationships with influencers that vibe with your brand’s identity.

One good story by an influencer can result in massive ROI. But partnering with the wrong one can damage your brand. Remember, you don’t have as much control over influencer-produced content. So, choose your partners wisely and foster relationships over time.

7. Use Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a great platform for boosting authenticity and making important announcements. Make sure to coordinate live events with your other IG activities. If you show up live unannounced, your reach will suffer. Use your ads and stories to hype your live videos so your followers show up to watch.

Remember not to abuse Insta Live. If you go live often, your followers will lose interest. Use this platform for special events and announcements so that your followers know something special is going down.

8. Make Sponsored Ads

Ads can’t be your only video marketing tactic on Instagram, but they are important. Meta’s ad system is affordable and remarkably effective at reaching your target. Set a budget and design some clever ads, and you’re almost sure to generate a healthy flow of leads from IG.

If you don’t have the budget to produce stories, ads, teasers, posts, and all of the other video content that IG users demand, consider using stock footage, slide shows, and animations to cut your ad costs.

9. Release Teasers

Top 10 Instagram Video Marketing Tips

Teasers are short videos that display a product or service without a CTA or a defined pitch. These ads are effective on IG because they appear more authentic. People don’t like to be pushed to buy, so ironically, teasers convert quite well.

Some teasers don’t reveal the exact nature of the product, which builds suspense. People naturally want that suspense to be resolved, so they follow your brand in anticipation of the big reveal.

Just makes sure the teaser doesn’t overhype the product, or viewers will feel betrayed.

10. Always Use Subtitles

About 1 in 3 people scroll through IG stories with the sound turned off. This makes sense, as many people browse at work, on the bus, or in public places. Subtitles make your content accessible to millions more users. It also helps non-native English speakers and the hearing impaired better receive your message.

To sum up, 100% of your IG videos should have subtitles.

A Final Video Marketing Tip for Instagram

One last tip for video marketing on Instagram is to find a tone that matches your brand identity and stick with it. Use it to guide all of your content creation, and you’ll be able to produce content at scale without having to go back to the drawing board for every video. Remember, being recognizable is a good thing, so find your stride and stick to it.

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