Top 6 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text

Top 6 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text

Tools that convert photos into text are known as text extraction tools. The purpose of these tools is to recognize text in an image and convert it into an editable text form. In this way, they allow users to extract valuable information from an image. Know more about which are the Top 6 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text.

If you are looking for such tools that convert images into text, then you are in luck because we have prepared a list of the 6 best online tools that perform this function.

Why should we use Image to text converters?

Image to text converters are handy tools turning a screenshot or photo into text. These tools use OCR technology which allows them to detect text on an image. This helps people understand or search for information in images. For example, they’re useful for those who can’t see well or want to extract text from photos. It makes information more accessible and convenient.


Top 5 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text

Image to Text Online is a free website that extracts text from images fast. Users can upload JPG, PNG, and other image files. The tool reads the images and gives back editable text that can be copied or downloaded.

There is no need to download images first – just put in the URL. Free users can convert up to 3 images at once. There may be some ads.

Overall, this free tool makes images more usable by extracting the text. It’s quick, easy to use, and helps access text from images.


Image to text is an online tool that utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and extracts text from an image. It is a fast tool that generates results within a few seconds.

Given in the following is the image of the tool.
Top 5 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text

It supports multiple formats of images such as .jpg, .png, .jif, etc. You can enter these images into the input section of the tool and get results in the form of editable text that you can either copy or download as a text file

Similarly, other optimization options are also available. For example, instead of downloading an image from a website and then uploading it into the tool, you can simply enter the URL of the site.

A few limitations that this tool has is that it only allows users to convert 3 images into text per submission if you are using it for free. Similarly, if you are a free user, you will experience a somewhat unpleasant web design because of the advertisements. You can also use this other image to text converter.

The tool offers a pro plan that increases the image submission limit and also removes ads. Here are some details about it.

Top 5 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text

3. Image to text converter by Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a platform that provides multiple tools related to content optimization. One of these tools is the image to text converter. This tool works by taking an image as input, analyzing it, and then converting it into text form. Here is an overview of the tool’s interface:

Top 5 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text

This tool comes with many optimization options. You can upload files from your computer or enter the URL of a site where the image is present. Additionally, this tool also allows users to upload images from Google Drive. 

After the conversion is done, you are given 3 output options. You can copy the results, download them as a text file, or download results as a .doc file. Among all these excellent features, there are also a few minor drawbacks. Free users are only allowed to convert one image per submission. Also, there are a number of ads that make the interface look confusing.

The limit to convert images can be increased up to 30 images per submission, and the advertisements can also be removed by subscribing to their premium plan. Its pricing is as follows.

Top 5 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text


This text extraction tool is available for free that makes use of machine learning algorithms and tesseract-ocr to convert images into text form. Once the image is inserted into this tool, it uses different processing steps, such as character segmentation and feature recognition.Here is what its input interface looks like: has some very unique and useful features. For example, it can extract images from low-resolution images. Similarly, it is able to detect mathematical characters. It has multiple image formats support and also multiple language support. There are no advertisements, even for free users. This makes the user experience very smooth.

Unlike previous tools discussed in this article, this tool doesn’t provide much optimization when it comes to input options. You only have one option, which is to upload images from your local storage.

To get some additional features, you can try out their elite plan, which requires a monthly payment. Here is a list of features that it offers.

5. Photo to text By Editpad

Photo to text converter by EditPad is an efficient text extraction tool. It makes use of OCR to convert inserted image into a scanned copy of the original and then extract text from it. The tool’s interface is given in the image below.

Top 5 Online Tools to Turn Photo into Text
This tool also offers some exciting features. You can copy and paste an image, drag and drop it or browse and select it manually. Similarly, like a few tools mentioned before, you can also enter a URL from where the tool will detect images and convert them into text. This tool is very quick to produce results.

The issue of multiple advertisements is seen in this tool. And the optimization options for the output are also very limited. You can only copy the results. You cannot edit the text without copying and pasting it into some editing software such as MS Word.

The premium plan for this tool will only be useful if you want to remove ads. Here are its pricing details.

6. is the last tool on our list of text extraction tools. It uses various AI techniques to produce the most accurate results. The tool’s interface is given in the following image.

The tool is free to use and doesn’t require any sort of sign-up or login. The input options provided by this tool are exceptional. Other than the basic feature of uploading files from your computer, this tool also allows you to upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive. Moreover, there is no daily limit, and users can convert as many images into text as they want.

However, sometimes you might be asked to go through a lengthy captcha verification process which can be a little annoying for some users. 

Similarly, you are not able to make changes to extracted text unless it is downloaded or pasted at some other place.

Other than that, it is an excellent tool that is completely free and doesn’t have any premium subscription.

Comparison of 6 Online Image to Text Converters

To summarize the features of the tools discussed in the above article, we have prepared a table that provides a brief comparison.


The 6 tools discussed in this blog have different pros and cons but all of them perform their function of converting images to text very efficiently. If you are still unclear about which tool would be best for you, you can try all of them one by one as they are all available for free and are very fast, so you won’t have to spend much time testing them.

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