What is Stock Video Footage and Where You Can Find It

What is stock video footage and where can you find it?

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As a content creator or filmmaker, you probably understand how expensive and stressful creating videos and films can be. Your struggle does not end once you purchase the lighting rigs and cameras. Instead, you have to spend your time and effort on high-quality footage. Whether you aim to shoot a few-second shot in Amazon or an aerial view of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can easily go over budget.

A Worthwhile Solution for Video Projects

You need a better solution to attain your desired footage under budget. But, is there any method to save your time and does not cause a strain on your pocket? Certainly, there is. Stock footage can save you a significant amount on your commercial, film, music video, and news segment projects. Not just that, you can use this footage for any creational purposes. With stock footage, you get the state-of-the-art content of your choice with ease. Isn’t that incredible? Putting it in other words, you get the desired footage for which someone else already devoted their efforts, money, and time. Interesting, right? Let’s understand how stock footage can be a great source for affordable video clips to fill in the scenes in your project.

What is Stock Footage?

Stock footage includes professionally shot clips that you can use for video productions, such as V-logs, social media videos, marketing campaigns, and interviews. These clips are usually less than a minute and revolve around a generic topic. That’s the reason content creators and video producers can use these shots for multiple formats and styles. You can search stock footage for extensive categories ranging from travel, outdoors, lifestyle, aerial drone footage, business, and much more.

Types of Stock Footage

The stock footage can be of two types, depending upon accessibility. Rights-managed footage includes a one-off usage license or single-user license. When you are under this license of use, only you are authorized to access and utilize the footage. Also, you can use the footage for single content only. In contrast, royalty-free footage enables you to use the clip multiple times. You can simply purchase the license and utilize the high-quality videos as many times as you want in different contexts. Depositphotos, for instance, offers such options.

An Efficient Way to Elaborate Your Story

Including stock footage will help explain the story better. You can add them in between mainframes to fill in gaps, maintain quality and align your production. They act as a bridge from scene to scene and create a complete sense of flow. Furthermore, it adds up some variety to your content. For instance, you can add wide, pan, and close shots to give the story clarity. As a result, the audience can easily follow along with the theme.

A Time Effective Technique to Complete Your Project

When you are running out of time, stock footage can work as a massive time saver. Imagine having relevant clips without leaving your home, finding the talent, and shooting up the scene. Instead, you can spend more time editing and finishing the project in time. There is no doubt that video production is a time-consuming process, but stock video footage helps you crush that time pressure.

A Budget-Friendly Solution for High-Quality Video Clips

Want to enhance the impact of your content for video marketing and video ads? Stock libraries are a budget-friendly solution. Ultimately, you can download and utilize relevant royalty-free stock footage without leaving your home. This does not mean that you have to compromise with the video quality. To provide you great quality clips, footage creators use fantastic equipment and creative ideas.

Where Can You Find Stock Video Footage?

Stock footage and stock photography support the content creator with a similar process. There are numerous platforms available dedicated to stock video footage. Footage creators, filmmakers, and cinematographers upload their content on those platforms in exchange for money. You can register with artgrid for unlimited high quality stock footages. ArtGrid stock video footage ranges from satellite images to animations. The platform is beneficial for both end-users and creators. ArtGrid pays their shares from the license fees by the end-users. This way, the creators get the money for their dedicated work and effort, and the end-user receives their perfect clip.

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