Ben Heine changed the dynamics of the art world with the introduction of Digital Circlism. His art and his passion to bring the photos and sketches to life make him a unique artist of the current times. With his Digital Circlism series, he introduced the viewers and his fans to a unique concept of art. With the world getting digital and artists exploring the three-dimensional art piece, Heine came up with Digital Circlism in 2009. From making portraits of famous celebrities to providing tutorials about this technique, Heine offered the fans and amateur artist a chance to learn from his art.

Since recently, it is possible to buy these artworks as physical prints with an extra layer of creativity and awesomeness since a new crispy 3D effect is incorporated in the physical print itself. This is completely unique and unseen as there are 2 levels of depth, one in the 2D printed digital circlism artwork and one in the 3D physical print. Get yours here.

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As an art enthusiast, it is recommended to always explore your horizons beyond the contemporary arts. Heine’s is not your traditional painter or artist. He is the artist of modern times. Since people buy art pieces to decorate their homes or show people about their versatile taste in arts, it is the right time to indulge in a 3D arts experience and buy one of his premium Digital Circlism prints with a 3D effect. You will find multiple art reviews appreciating and recommending his work. These artworks have been exhibited in many renowned places worldwide including Hong Kong, Brussels, Moscow and many more.

Why buy the 3D unique prints from Ben Heine?

  • You should buy the Digital Circlism portraits since they are not only unique in offering a 3D effect on a 2D paper but they are made of very high quality material with solid and thick plexiglass and a 3cm wide metal framing.
  • Ben has been ensuring that he sends a customized card with his signatures with the portraits so that it can be a memorabilia for the person to whom the portrait and the card is addressed.
  • The portrait comes with a nice and handy packaging, the art print and corners are perfectly protected to prevent all sorts of damage.
  • The prints come ready to hang.
  • The standard size of the portrait is 60×50 centimeters (24×20 inches) so the size is quite perfect to make this portrait a suitable art piece for your bedroom or lounge.
  • The price is very affordable and easy to order.
  • These prints with the 3D effect will surprise and please your guests.

Lion 3D – Framed

Buy Print with 3D effect - Home Deco - Lion

3cm thick
Metal frame, ready to hang
Digital Circlism Series


Mad Hatter 3D – Framed

Buy Print with 3D effect - Home Deco - Mad Hatter

Acrylic, 3cm thick
Metal frame, ready to hang
Digital Circlism Series


Marilyn 3D – Framed

Buy Print with 3D effect - Marilyn Monroe

Acrylic, 3cm thick
Metal frame, ready to hang
Digital Circlism Series


Digital Circlism: An art of the future

Digital Circlism is rightfully termed as the art for the future. Heine came up with this idea in 2009. The technique is based in the usage of the digital technique in which the artist draws flat circles. By putting flat circles of different colors side by side in a very diligent effort, the artist forms a portrait of a celebrity. He has even made a Digital Circlism portrait of himself as well. The art has been effectively categorized as Pop Art by Heine.

He has been recreating the pictures of celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Marilyn Monroe in order to make their digital Circlism portraits. This technique also involves the technique of Pointillism which is an integral part of painting. In this method, the artist puts small dots of one solid color, followed by another dot of another solid color. Each circle is made of a different color and has a different size which makes the portrait unique to the eyes of the viewers. The 3D effect is made with the circles of different colors in a 2D paper. You need to buy the art pieces to see what they are all about.

Heine, with his background in visual arts and graphic designing, brings these 3D portraits to life. They offer a dynamic and 3-dimensional appearance which is very pleasing to the eyes of the viewer.

While targeting the youth of today and their interest, Heine has selected the celebrities like Freddy Mercury, Jesus, Mad Hatter, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, and much more for the portraits. He has even displayed his work at the China International Furniture Fair in Guangzhou and Shanghai and has given for auctions as well. It has been estimated that it takes as much as 100 to 180 hours to complete one portrait. You can easily buy his 3D unique portraits from his website or his blog. He has been offering the pictures with customized cards with his signature. These are some of the most famous and most enchanting 3D print portrait.

Marilyn Monroe - An enigmatic 3D art portrait

You must have watched Marilyn Monroe in movies but to see her living in a picture due to the 3D effect is an ultimate experience. Heine has developed the Digital Circlism technique which allows the picture to showcase motion when observed under various wavelengths of light.

Made with the background of black and white, this iconic picture in the 3D circles print takes off its charm from the red lips. With the extra 3D effect offered in Ben Heine prints, it is a perfect fit for your lounge.

Mad Hatter - A panorama of colors

Are you a Johnny Depp fan? If you are, Heine has made the perfect 3D portrait for you. Check it in your room as a souvenir to your favorite star. The Mad Hatter portrait of Johnny Depp from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where he played Willie Wonka is one of the most iconic portraits from Heine. The multicolor portrait is a sight to see and shows off motion and color reflection upon viewing from different angles. You can get this portrait from Ben Heine’s art shop.

Lion face - the beautiful beast

One of the major breakouts of Heine’s digital career was the Lion face protract he made using the flat single-colored circles where he was working for Mazda. The Mazda car with the Lion face was also exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels, it was major milestone in his career while working with an international company.

Lady Gaga - The icon

A pop icon and one of the most influential celebrities in the recent times, Lady Gaga’s portrait is on for sale at the art shop of Ben Heine. The 3D print of Lady Gaga is enriched with the innocence in her face and the deep insight which her eyes convey, the attention to detail is maximum even in the portraits which made them feel livelier.

Presley and Mercury - Sing along

Heine has been an avid music enthusiast. He has already learned piano and drum and has released his first music album in 2015 by the name of “Sound Spiral” in November 2015. So the portraits of Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley are a sort of a homage to the artists. In case of Presley, the portrait shows him as a solid and invincible robot. Having them in your home lounge or music studio will change the aura of the place. They are a must grab for every music enthusiast.

Eminem and Bob Marley - The revolutionaries of their own times

Eminem and Marley have been from the lot of artists who have a cult following, Masses follow them. Their colorful yet the mystic portraits are an enigma for every music lover. They are available for sale at art shop.Follow Ben Heine on YouTube and his website to collect the latest prints and add more versatility in your arts collection. His art shop is full of amazing prints and portrait who will be a great asset to add to your lounge or your room for yourself or as a gift for someone.