10 Best Photo Editing Services in 2022

10 best photo editing services to try in 2022

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10 Best Photo Editing Services To Try In 2022

If you are a photographer with a busy shooting schedule, you might not have enough time for post-processing. In this case, you can order dedicated photo editing presets or professional services to enhance your images and give them a polished look. The experts will tweak colors, improve the composition, adjust contrast and brightness, perform skin retouching, edit the background, make a model look slimmer, remove noise and unwanted details, among many other edits. You can also use photo editing services like Photza where retouching is performed by professional retouchers with great quality at affordable price.

On this list, you will find top 10 image retouching services that you can order to enhance wedding, newborn, product, fashion, and real estate photos. 

Photo editing services Photza are not in this list / optional. Retouching is performed by professional retouchers, so the prices are slightly higher than the average prices on the market, but at the same time they provide a higher quality retouching. Package options are not available, instead they provide a cumulative discount. Suitable when you need to prepare 10-15 high end shots or you need retouching for a magazine cover. It will also be of interest to users who need some really beautiful photos for Instagram, Social Media, CV, or just a family album.

1. Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path Services Includes

Clipping Path Services Includes:

  • Ecommerce image editing
  • Background Removal of Image
  • Adding white background
  •  Photo Color Correction
  • Web Image Optimization
  • Borders fixing

Online shops such as Amazon, eBay uses lots of images for a huge selection of products. But notice the white background in every image. What’s their editing process?

Clipping path service includes ecommerce image editing that edit out the unwanted background, replace the background or remove any spots on the product and use color correction to make the image dynamic.

Moreover, clipping path professionals use their image editing techniques to adjust the picture tone and remove blemishes and backdrops. Clipping path service uses the best image optimization process to fix certain areas to view the image more lifelike.

Also, advanced image retouching techniques are used to adjust the contrast, sharpness, and dripping noise is top-notch. 

You can ask for your preferred selection of clipping path services and hire a hand drawn clipping path service provider to edit the images in detail to get the best output.

2. Wedding Photo Editing Services


Wedding photo editing service includes:

  • Natural color correction
  • White balance adjustment
  • Stray hair removal
  • Skin enhancement
  • Body retouching

Event photographers who take photos of weddings, birthday parties, and other events often need to process many images quickly. This is the best photo editing service for those who need to tweak colors in their photos, remove unwanted objects, replace the background, edit portraits, etc.

Besides, the professionals will select the best pictures and adjust tones to restore the color balance. This option will come in handy for photographers with a busy shooting schedule.

If you need to enhance several hundreds photos at once, make sure to increase your productivity by purchasing this dedicated Wedding Pack Light Package from Ben Heine presets collections. The Wedding Pack Premium package includes color correction, high-end wedding photo retouching, and creative photo manipulation.

You can also try other color correction services which are very useful when working on a large number of images.

Hire a professional photo editor for your wedding photo editing tasks.

3. Portrait Photo Editing Services


Portrait photo editing service includes:

  • Color correction
  • Skin tone adjustment
  • Stray hair removal
  • Emphasizing the eyes
  • Removing glares in glasses
  • Basic photo retouching

If you order this service, the photo editors will slightly change the facial features without making them look unnatural. They can emphasize the eyes and lips, edit the nose, add highlights, make the forehead smaller, enhance cheekbones, remove minor defects. As the result, you will get a professionally edited portrait without skin imperfections and problems with lighting.

This service allows you to emphasize the eyes and lips, delete black circles under the eyes, remove wrinkles, imperfections, and signs of fatigue. The experts don’t use bright colors and harsh shadows as they want to make a portrait look natural. The service is in high demand among business professionals, models, and portrait photographers.

You can also pay for the Pro Retouching Package from Ben Heine retouching presets or contact professional retouchers to get high-quality portraits sessions or retouching services.

Hire a professional photo editor for your portrait photo editing tasks.

4. Newborn Photo Editing Service


Newborn photo editing service includes:

  • Cropping
  • Red skin fixing
  • Color adjustment
  • Basic background enhancement
  • Unwanted object deletion
  • Sheets/blankets smoothening

If you specialize in children photography or just want to enhance photos from your family album, you can order newborn photography editing services. The professionals will edit the skin of a baby to make it less red.

This is the best photo editing service for those who need to tweak colors, perform eyes, nose, and cheeks retouching, replace the background, delete small objects, and perform other manipulations. The experts will carefully remove unwanted details, adjust colors and shadows to make your image look as realistic as possible.

They can also delete the background and replace it with any backdrop of your choice. In addition, they can blend different textures and colors to make your photo look more natural.

You can also order different Lightroom presets or Photoshop presets and effects from Ben Heine’s collections to increase your productivity.

Hire a professional photo editor for your newborn photo editing tasks.

5. Product Photo Editing Service


Product photo editing service includes:

  • Color correction
  • Background color changing
  • Basic photo editing
  • Natural shadows

To give your photos a unique look, the retouchers can tweak colors and edit the background. This  Background Changing Package is popular among online store owners who want to edit their product photos. To improve the composition of your photo, they will crop your image and make it look more balanced. If you want to enhance your photos even further, they can adjust contrast and brightness, replace the background, remove noise and watermarks, edit the margins.

By cropping a photo, you can make your main subject stand out and emphasize the selected areas. This service is especially useful for those who need to edit product photos.

Hire a professional photo editor for your product photo editing tasks.

6. Real Estate Photo Editing Service


Real estate photo editing service includes:

  • Basic corrections
  • Lawn retouching
  • Sky replacement
  • Small objects deletion
  • HDR photo retouching

If you take professional photos of various buildings, real-estate properties, hotels, and interiors, make sure to order this service. It’s also popular among real-estate agents who know that professionally edited photos help sell properties faster.

When you take photos without a tripod, it’s unlikely that you will have straight lines on your picture. However, this issue can be easily fixed during post-processing. The experts will make your photos look as if they were taken with a properly stabilized camera. They also provide HDR photo editing services and can adjust the sharpness, delete small objects, and edit windows.

You can also order this Lightroom preset dedicated to real estate photos to increase your productivity.

Hire a professional photo editor for your real estate photo editing tasks.

7. High-End Photo Editing Services


High-end retouching includes:

  • Background color improvement
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Color correction
  • Makeup editing
  • High-end skin smoothing
  • Shadows adjustment
  • High-end body retouching

You can order this service if you need to edit a photo for a magazine cover. The photo retouchers will remove blemishes, make the skin look smoother, edit makeup, retouch hair, and fully transform the style of your image.

Most users order makeup enhancement services. The experts follow several steps to process your photos. They start by deleting skin imperfections and making the eyes more expressive. Then, they emphasize eyelashes and edit the eyebrows to make them look more accurate. In addition, they make the makeup brighter and edit the lips.

These days, many fashion photographers and model agencies use either this High-End Retouching Package or Premium Magazine Package to get beautifully retouched photos for portfolios and magazine covers in a few days.

Hire a professional photo editor for your high-end retouching tasks.

8. Photo Manipulation Service


Photo manipulation service includes:

  • Background replacement
  • Stylish effects
  • Color adjustment
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Advanced manipulation

Order this photo editing service if you need to make your photos and designs more unique. The retouchers will fix your photos by replacing the background in Photoshop. They can make your pictures look like paintings, sketches or cartoons as well as enhance them with the help of special effects, remove unwanted objects, add various details and fully transform the style of your photos.

If you don’t like one of the objects in your photo, you can either delete it or replace it with another one. The photo editors can add one or several objects from other photos. You can also order this Creative Manipulation Package from Ben Heine presets collections if you want to fully transform your images and make them look like sketches or paintings for an affordable price.

Hire a professional photo editor for your photo manipulation tasks.

9. Photo Restoration Service


Photo restoration service includes:

  • Damaged photo restoration
  • Delete scratches
  • Color adjustment
  • Repair damaged parts
  • Skin imperfection removal

If you are interested in genealogy and want to restore photos from your family archive, make sure to order this photo editing service to make your photos look new. The professionals can remove spots and scratches, restore damaged parts, improve the overall look, and fix color issues. All these services are included in the Damaged Restoration Package from Ben Heine’s photo editing presets collections. You will get your edited photos in a few days.

The photo editors will carefully delete scratches, restore stained or torn areas. By ordering this service, you can restore your family album and bring your cherished memories back. You can also ask the experts to restore faded pictures that were damaged by the sun. Forget about throwing away your old photos, even if they are torn and some areas are missing, it might still be possible to restore them.

Hire a professional photo editor for your photo restoration needs.

10. Body Retouching Services


Body retouching service includes:

  • Body and face retouching
  • Colors changing for photos of items/clothes
  • High-end skin retouching
  • Boudoir photo retouching
  • Background blurring

Body retouching requires professional skills since it might be difficult to edit the curves of a body without making the edits too noticeable. It might result in poorly edited images.

Professional retouchers always strive to make a model look as natural as possible even when they need to make a model’s legs longer or enlarge some parts of the body. They always enhance photos manually without resorting to automated image editing tools. In most cases, they use Adobe Photoshop since this software comes with a set of advanced tools.

The retouchers can improve different parts of the body without making it look unnatural. They can also edit the face of a model to remove the second chin, make the skin smoother and cheeks smaller. Some clients also ask to apply a plastic surgery effect to enhance a particular part of the face or body.

Hire a professional photo editor for your body retouching tasks.

11. Animal Photo Editing Service


Animal photo editing service includes:

  • Wool cleaning
  • Color adjustment
  • Background enhancement/replacement
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Dodge & Burn effect

This photo retouching service is a must for photographers who specialize in taking photos of wild animals and pets. When taking photos of animals, it might be difficult to avoid various issues. Colors might look too bleak because of lighting issues and the hair of an animal might require cleaning up. Professional retouchers will perform color grading, delete unnecessary objects, enhance the background, and add catchlights to the eyes of an animal.

If you want to focus a viewer’s attention on the subject of your photo, you can ask the photo retouchers to delete the background and replace it with another one.

Hire a professional photo editor for your animal photo retouching tasks.


  • Who usually outsources photo editing services? Nowadays, many marketing, catalog, and modeling companies don’t have a photo retoucher on their team. Some photography studio owners don’t have advanced photo editing skills either. This is why such services are in high demand among photographers who don’t want to spend much time on post-processing and regular users who want to restore old photos of their relatives.
  • What are the main advantages of outsourcing image editing servicesEven if you are on a budget, you can easily find a company that provides pro-level photo retouching services. Professional retouchers use powerful photo editing software, which allows them to quickly adjust the color balance, contrast, and exposure as well as fix other issues to give your images a professional look within the shortest time possible.
  • When will I receive my photos back? It might take a company or a freelancer from 2 to 5 days to send you edited photos. The turnaround time depends on the complexity of a task, file format, size, number etc. It’s better to send your requirements to photo retouchers beforehand. You will be contacted by a manager who will tell you how long it’s going to take them to send you enhanced photos. Hire a skilled photo retoucher or a photographer.
  • What photo editing software do image retouchers use for processing pictures? Professional photo editors use advanced image retouching software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, etc. They work only with licensed pro versions, which is why you don’t need to worry about the quality of your images

Article: © Ben Heine / Copyrighted content
Images: Shutterstock
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