How to View Private Profiles on Instagram?

Attempting to access someone’s private Instagram profile can be challenging. Nevertheless, it is possible by putting in a follow request and hoping they accept it. The alternative is to open a bogus account and put in a request, but that is in contravention of Instagram’s regulations.

It is advisable to utilize third-party applications like a private Instagram viewer and websites since they usually represent scams or may harm your device. Private Instagram viewer software lets users view pictures and activities on personal Instagram accounts. It is specifically tailored to help those blocked or denied follow requests by the account holder.

Ways to View the Private Instagram Viewer Profile:

Using some tools, such as a private Instagram viewer, is an effective way as you can still see the content and activities of the target person on Instagram, regardless of whether they blocked you or did not accept your follow request. It lets users view activities on personal Instagram accounts.

Here are some of the methods to view private Instagram viewer profiles:

Method 1: Follow the Request

One of the simplest methods to view private Instagram profiles in 2023 is to send a follow request. It is the primary step to get access to any personal account. You have to press the following button to alert the user that you would like to connect to them and need access to look at their posts. It may take some time for them to accept your request. You can easily view their private profile once your follow request has been received.

Method 2: Ask A Friend

There will often be someone you know who already follows the person in question. Who desires to keep tabs on someone they are unfamiliar with? You can check out a private Instagram account through someone you both are friends with.

If you are in luck and your friend already follows the private IG page you are interested in, you can ask them to allow you to view it through their account. If there is a particular post you desire to check out, you may inquire your buddy to take a screenshot and send it to you.

Method 3: Use Third Party Services

Despite Instagram’s restrictions on privacy, there are still options for accessing private profiles. Technological innovations have provided apps like a private Instagram viewer and websites that allow you to access personal profile setting on Instagram.

These tools offer a way to avoid the platform’s security measures and view posts and activities of users who have chosen to hide their presence through a public account. If you need to view someone’s private Instagram profile, you can use specific advanced tools to access the data easily.

There are multiple options for choosing from various free or paid services depending on your needs. It is essential to use these services properly. An alternative to using these tools is to request to follow the private account to gain limited access to their activity.

Method 4: Approach Through Duplicate Profile

This tactic involves trying to mimic another user’s profile on Instagram to gain access, even though social networks are very strict about verifying the identity of users. iSome people still attempt this kind of imitation.

Creating a fake online identity involves studying the profile of the intended target across multiple sites. Further, it includes trying to copy them as closely as possible by posting virtual photos, comments, and other content. Although social media networks are designed to detect copy accounts, some still use this approach to get into someone else’s Instagram profile.

Method 5: Connect Through Instagram Mod:

Instagram Mod is a third-party application that enables users to bypass standard security measures and view the profiles of private accounts. With this app, users are allowed to gain access to personal profiles with ease, as all they need is their username.

The free packages of the app provide various features, such as the ability to follow and unfollow users, comment on their profiles, send direct messages, and view private images.


Method 6: Google Search Is Always Helpful:

Searching on Google can help you uncover public posts and photos that someone has posted on their Instagram profile. However, to discover an Instagram story that only stays visible for 24 hours, asking them for permission directly is more effective. You can also use Instagram story viewer if you want to keep your identity hidden and keep up with the latest stories accounts are publishing.

If they refuse, you won’t be able to access it without invading their privacy. It is the most straightforward technique because it does not involve any suspicious strategies or create any indication of alarm. Moreover, generic information about an Instagram profile can be obtained via Google search, including third-party apps like private Instagram viewer.

Method 7: Contact Via Other Social Platforms

If you cannot access a person’s private Instagram account, you can connect them through other social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. It is the most effective way to approach the Instagram profile of any individual.

It is worth exploring whether posts from blocked social networks may be visible on other platforms without taking morally questionable measures.

Method 8: Connect Through Direct Messaging (DM)

The most secure and risk-free way to check someone’s private Instagram profile is asking the users for permission. You could explain why you’d like to view their profile, such as for a project or to keep up with them.

A kind request would be, “Hey, I will be highly thankful if you could grant me access to your private profile. It is crucial for a project I am currently working on.” Most people will allow you to view their profile as long as you’re someone they already know.


In recent years, it has become relatively easy to explore someone’s private Instagram. There are various methods, some of which are explained in this guide. These options are simple, so accessing a personal account is almost as easy as eating candy. A private Instagram viewer is a quick way to peek through a private Instagram profile.

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