Free and Paid Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions


Thanks to a Photoshop glitch action, you can create your own unique style in a couple of clicks. Such an effect will add a sense of motion to the photos and blur them a bit, as you’d see on old tape recorders, introducing a somewhat vintage feel to the deformed image. Know more about Free and Paid Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions.

Photoshop glitch actions collections offered at the Ben Heine store can become your irreplaceable assistants when working with photos. They can be applied to both RAW and JPG image formats and are compatible with all versions of Photoshop: Mobile, CS6, CC, and Elements.



1. Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions

A glitch Photoshop action is a simple and subtle effect that is very easy to use. This set contains 25 actions, which you can adjust to your liking by changing the color scheme, brightness, and contrast.

This collection expands your editing toolset with all sorts of glitches including lines, errors, double exposure, and much more. The finished effect creates the impression of parts of your image being offset with blocks and lines.

A glitch effect adds an uneven shift to your photographs. This makes it look like parts of the photo were ripped apart and transformed into geometrical shapes. The collection has fully editable layers, colors, and elements.

2. Double Exposure Collection Photoshop Actions

Another terrific option is the Double Exposure Collection. This bundle adds a glitch effect to your images with a single mouse click. It comes with 26 dispersion Photoshop actions and 13 brushes that you can freely combine to create a truly unique image.

You can increase the sharpness of the effects, change their colors, and contrast to your taste. Moreover, you get to work with layers, which let you manipulate photos, draw, and edit various elements. The layers are neatly organized and grouped, and the effects are applied non-destructively, meaning your original photographs remain untouched.

This collection is currently available at a 44% discount and costs a mere $55

3. Low Poly Photoshop Actions

The Low Poly action collection adds a large number of polygons and glitch effects to your photos. These actions are easy to apply and allow you to receive a well-organized and structured file with plenty of layers, folders, and settings for further improving the result in just a couple of clicks.

This offer includes 4 Photoshop actions as well as 5 patterns and 3 brushes. All of those tools will help you add low-poly geometrical and artistic effects to your photos like lines, squares, diamonds, triangles, and other figures with a glitch effect. They are a terrific fit for portraits, real estate photos, and indoor images.

Low Poly is the perfect Photoshop action if you want to add colorful effects to make your images look like abstract art.

4. Portrait Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions

Photographers that often organize portrait photoshoots will greatly appreciate this package of 290 portrait actions. The set includes tools that will transform a portrait into a photo with a glitch effect. It’s a good fit for images taken both outdoors and indoors.

To make the applied glitch effect Photoshop action more pronounced, you can increase the contrast and saturation or adjust the brightness of the photo. You can change the background color, create a double portrait effect, or add blue lines that create a glitch effect.

This set is currently sold with a discount of 50%, so hurry and take advantage of this deal.

5. VHS Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions

This collection of VHS actions is a convenient tool for adding a glitch effect to your photographs. Once you press “Play”, it will look as if your photos were struck by the tracking function of an old tape recorder. This isn’t a surprise considering that retouchers were inspired by the analog look of old VHS tapes when creating this collection.

Choose any of the 20 actions and 20 add-ons to create a glitch effect for your photos. Such a Photoshop glitch action adds static, fragments, and retro-styled glitches to any photograph that you decide to edit. The tracking lines distort and deform the image, creating a vintage effect.

6. Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Once applied to a photo, Pop Art actions create a blurred look as if your eyes were slightly out of focus or you were looking at a 3D-image without 3D-glasses. This bundle is delivered along with several glitch effects, which you can apply with the help of 12 Photoshop actions and 35 add-ons. Each tool adds a sense of motion to your images.

This set is best suited for high-resolution photographs and can be applied with a single mouse click. It contains organized layers and separate elements that simplify the process of adjusting the effect to your needs. The result is a brave techno-image, which you can highlight with the help of color tones.

You can add glitches to the background, make several blurry photos, or add red-blue lines to a portrait. Play with colors, add stripes and geometrical shapes, and make your photos either more modern or vintage, as you see fit.

7. Cinematic Photoshop Actions

The Cinematic collection includes 220 professional actions and 20 brushes, which can help add a glitch effect to your images. Change the background color, saturation, and contrast. Make your portraits brighter and more colorful, while blurring and darkening the objects.

The tools from this set can help strengthen the effect that you applied with another Photoshop glitch action. They are great for adding a cinematic artifact effect to your images, which creates a rugged digital look.

The set includes adjustable layers, full instructions, and much more. There’s an ongoing sale for this collection, you can get it for half of its price – $42 instead of $85.

8. Bohemian Film Photoshop Actions

Free and Paid Glitch Effect Photoshop Actions

It features 65 Photoshop actions and 20 overlays, allowing you to make images more blurry and add a vintage effect using cinematic stripes and glitches.

The set is perfectly suited not only for portraiture but for still life and landscape photos as well. Use double exposure, vertical or horizontal lines, blocks, and colored stripes – you can see plenty of those in old movies. Add lines of different width and length to either the entire photo or specific objects.

Experiment with brightness and contrast. Add glitch-like shadows to a person or an object. Highlight the main subject of the photo and blur the rest or distort it with a glitch Photoshop action.

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