Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Creating Stunning Dispersion Effects


Dispersion became extremely popular after it has been used in Marvel Avengers Infinity War film, but it first appeared many years ago and was applied by numerous photography and videography specialists. Know more about Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Stunning Dispersion Effects.

This bundle of dispersion actions from Ben Heine store can become your go-to tools in many photography scenarios. They work flawlessly in Adobe Ps CS3-6, Creative Cloud, and PSE 11-18. You can use them to improve RAW and JPG images.



1. Dispersion Effect Photoshop Actions


The pack comprises 3 advanced Ps dispersion actions and 23 bonus brushes. Use them if you want to give your model a bit shuttered look and make his/her skin and clothes seem that they are coming off him/her. The result is bound to attract viewers’ attention.

2. Double Exposure Collection Photoshop Actions


Those dreaming of giving their photos an arresting vibe, should have a closer look at this universal pack with 26 dispersion Photoshop actions and 13 brushes. They allow breathing life into your boldest ideas and achieve realistic results each time you use them.

Feel free to experiment with these tools to produce top-notch double exposure and dispersion effects. You can transform your ordinary photos into pictures adhering to movie posters and video-game cover traditions with colorful and ravishing graphics.

3. Color Double Exposure Photoshop Actions


Here is another set of professional actions that are designed to simplify your photo editing routine. Choose any action from 16 available options, and impress your audience with off-beat effects. These instruments are especially helpful if you edit portrait, fashion, and commercial photos, as they make them recognizable and indelible.

4. 3D Dispersion Photoshop Action

Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Stunning Dispersion Effects

Having a 3D dispersion Photoshop action at your disposal is always a good idea, so don’t miss a chance to download this one. It works similarly to the tools described above, but it also embellishes an image with a 3D particle effect.

The action is fast, easy-to-use, and very effective. Subjects in pictures break down into numerous 3D pieces. You can take advantage of this action if you create music or movie projects, or want to give your portrait photos an arresting mood.

5. Fire Dispersion Photoshop Action

Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Stunning Dispersion Effects

This is one of the handiest actions if you want to make your subjects fall to pieces in an artistic manner. You can use it if you feel that your pictures look too plain and you want to turn them into engrossing images by dint of drama.

The action reveals its full potential when applied to photos that include motion, making them even more dynamic. The best results are possible if you combine this dispersion Photoshop action with B&W photos, decorating them with swirls of moving particles.

6. Geometric Dispersion Photoshop Action


This is a worthy dispersion action especially if you want to give this effect a kind of geometric finishing. It fragments your subject into particles that retain a geometric shape (it can be of different types), which resembles broken glass. Use this action to produce motion mosaics of sorts, following the rules of abstract artworks.

7. Pixelated Dispersion Photoshop Action


This is another amazing option to use if you want to make your photo look like it has burst into pixels. You can rely on your creative instincts and use this action for a variety of images, though it works best for tech-focused photos.

8. Flower Dispersion Photoshop Action

Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Stunning Dispersion Effects

If you are looking for a dispersion Photoshop action to decorate your pictures with a flower explosion, this option is worth paying attention to. It instantly infuses your images with a light and airy atmosphere, which makes it perfect for portrait editing. However, it has also proven to be effective when it comes to branding and fashion projects.

9. Letters Dispersion Photoshop Action

Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Stunning Dispersion Effects

Fans of minimalism and simplicity are sure to like this action. It is optimized for Photoshop CC versions and is indispensable for producing accurate typography dispersion effects. You can use it for portrait shots if a model is captured reading a book, a magazine, etc.

10. Feather Dispersion Photoshop Action

Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Stunning Dispersion Effects

Feather Photoshop Action creates beautiful feather dispersion from your photos in just several clicks. It is suitable for maternity, children, and female images. The action works best for photos around 2500px – 4000px high/wide and 300DPI. Using lower resolution images will result in poor detail and clarity.

11. Powder Explosion Photoshop Action


This action really amazes with how easily it transforms a boring photo into a compelling one without tiresome photo editing. It adds sand and dust exploding out from a part of your photo.

Looking at such a picture, viewers will unintentionally start thinking about momentum and speed. Complementing a photo with a dramatic contrast, this action is best suited for photos with fluid motion and strong offset. Thus, you can safely use it for dance and sports photography.

12. Water Droplet Dispersion Photoshop Action

Free and Paid Photoshop Actions for Stunning Dispersion Effects

An interesting dispersion action to play with if you are after whimsy and relaxed mood in your photography. It makes a part of your subject break apart into water droplets, which encourages people to look longer at your creation. You can also use it for auto and fashion images in order to create enthralling compositions.

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