10 Best Free and Paid Product Photography Lightroom Presets Meta

10 must-have product photography lightroom presets: free and paid

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If you want to edit your photos more quickly, try using these product photography presets to fix lighting issues, tweak colors, and edit your images in a consistent style. These presets will become handy for owners of eCommerce stores who need to enhance many images at once. Even if you don’t have advanced photo editing skills, you can easily apply these product photography Lightroom presets with a few clicks.

In this article, I will tell you about the best free and paid effects for eCommerce photos that are compatible with different versions of Lightroom, including Mobile, 4, 5, 6, and CC. They come in LRTEMPLATE and XMP formats, which allow you to use them on Mac and Windows-based devices.

Use these free Lightroom presets to edit your product photos without paying a dime. With them you can adjust brightness and make your images look more appealing to potential buyers. This collection was created for those who need to perform color correction without spending a lot of time on post-processing.

These presets will be useful for correcting the white balance, tweaking colors and making them more saturated, adjusting brightness and intensity. With them, you can show your subject in the best possible light.

Even if your images look bleak and uninspiring, you will easily make them more attention-grabbing by adding bright, crisp tones.

Those who are looking for a simple solution for editing their eCommerce photos can use this set of effects and brushes to fix exposure issues, perform color correction, and add finishing touches to their images.

With these presets, you can delete unwanted color casts, adjust shadows, make overexposed areas brighter, sharpen product photos and enhance their overall look.

With these portrait presets, you can improve lifestyle product photos with models. Use them if you often shoot photos of models wearing makeup, clothing, or jewelry that you want to promote. These effects will give your images a fashion magazine look.

By applying them, you can improve lighting and tweak colors. They were designed for enhancing portrait photos and editing skin tones. You can use them both for images taken in your studio and outdoors, with natural lighting. By making your pictures look more stylish, you can grab the attention of potential buyers.

This preset is an indispensable tool for anyone who specializes in product photography and other genres. It’s used by professional retouchers and beginners alike who want to save time on post-processing their photos.

You can use every Lightroom preset for product photos from this collection to give your pictures a polished look without making the colors look unnatural. This collection is suitable for most photos with bleak colors and blurry textures. Thanks to these effects, you can create eye-catching images for your eCommerce store and show your products in the best light.

When taking product photos, it might be impossible to avoid issues with lighting. Whether you take pictures during the day or in the evening when the lighting is dim, photos might turn out to be blurry, with low contrast and bleak colors.

These HDR presets will make shadows more detailed, adjust mid-tones, and add highlights. As the result, you will get a well-balanced photo with a high level of detail. These effects will remove blur, make whites brighter, tweak colors, and improve lighting.

Use them to emphasize the shape, color, and texture of your main object. They will look especially great on flat lay photos.

In some cases, it might be impossible to avoid excessive shine when taking photos of objects with reflective surfaces. This collection will help you solve this issue by adjusting saturation and highlighting textures in your pictures. It will add creamy pastel tones to your images to give them a softer look.

If you need to enhance pictures for your eCommerce store by removing flash reflections, this set will help you fix lighting issues and get rid of the yellowish tint.

This collection is suitable for those who need to adjust tonal contrast and make colors darker. It allows you to make your pictures more stylish by giving them a dark look. Apply these effects to create dim photos with rich shadows that emphasize the main object.

These effects are suitable for giving food photos a dark look and creating a moody atmosphere in other product images. This set will come in handy both to experienced food photographers and beginners. Besides, it might be useful for professionals who specialize in other genres.

If you have an eCommerce store and want to enhance photos of clothing, try applying these monochrome presets. With them, you can create bright, monochromatic images with rich tones.

These product Adobe Lightroom presets will help you highlight important details, improve contrast, and make your goods more visually appealing for potential buyers.

To give your product photos a warm feel, use these effects that will help you adjust contrast, make edges smoother, and edit shadows. The presets from this collection were designed for tweaking colors by adding warm tones without making your images look unnatural or overly edited.

If your pictures of furniture pieces, clothing, or various decor elements look overexposed or if there are any lighting issues, apply these presets to create a cozy atmosphere.

Use these presets to fix lighting issues, tweak colors and tones to make your product photos more attention-grabbing. They will be perfect for enhancing pictures taken in poor lighting conditions. Besides, these presets are especially suitable for embellishing pictures taken outdoors. With them, you can make your photos look more professional.

These presets make shadows richer; add bright colors and highlights to your pictures. After seeing the photos enhanced with the help of these effects, your clients will want to recreate the same atmosphere at home and purchase the furniture pieces and various decor elements that they see in your photos.

How to Install Product Lightroom Presets?

To install these presets in Lightroom, you just need to follow several simple steps. It will take only a few minutes, after which you will be able to use them to embellish your photos with various effects.

  • Step 2. Go to the Develop Module in Lightroom and select File>Import Develop Profiles and Presets.
  • Step 3. Then, find the ZIP file that you have saved to your device. Unzip it and go to the folder where your XMP files are stored.
  • Step 4. Everything is ready! To add presets to your photos, open the Presets Panel on the left and click on the triangle icon to open the folder. Select any preset to enhance your photo.

>>> Can I move my presets to another device if I reinstall Lightroom?

Yes, you can save the downloaded presets to an external storing device and then upload them to Lightroom installed on your new computer or laptop.

>>> Is it possible to use the Lightroom mobile app for iPhone to apply these presets to my pictures?

Yes, you just need to use these product photography Lightroom presets in DNG format since it is supported by the mobile version of this software.

>>> I don’t take photos in RAW, can I still use desktop presets?

It’s better to shoot photos in RAW since it will be easier for you to enhance them. However, you can also apply these presets to JPEG photos.

>>> How do I know what format I need to use, .xmp or .lrtemplate?

Everything depends on your version of Lightroom. If you prefer Lightroom CC or Cloud, make sure to download .xmp presets. In most versions of Lightroom Classic, starting from 7.3, you can use files in this format. In older versions, you need to use .lrtemplate format. On this list, you will find presets in both formats.

>>> Can I use these presets to edit photos in one click?

While they allow you to make some basic adjustments, you will need to further edit your photos to make them look professional. If you take photos with different cameras and in different lighting conditions, they won’t have the same quality.

Besides, colors won’t look the same as well. It’s impossible to create a preset that can help you make all your photos perfect.

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