Using Vintage Photoshop actions, you can artificially age a photo in a few clicks. You don’t have to spend hours creating such an effect. These tools help you embellish your images with vintage vibes, gold halftones, molecular effects, and more without wasting much time.

14 Free and Paid Vintage Photoshop Actions

These free and paid actions are suitable for Photoshop Desktop. To test them out, download and install the pack of action on your PC. Just open the actions palette, select “Load Actions” from the drop-down menu and open the file. Thanks to these Vintage Photoshop filters, you can create the effect of a faded film, add light leaks, make shadows more pronounced and increase the saturation of shades. You can also directly Buy Adobe Photoshop.

Take advantage of these free Vintage Photoshop actions to turn a photo into an oil painting and create a vintage/retro atmosphere. There are 6 actions in the package and you can configure each of them manually to match your style. You can add drawing details and paint strokes, as well as adjust brightness, saturation and color gamut.

This is a free collection that consists of 6 actions aimed at beautifying your social media accounts with vintage aesthetics. With the help of these ready-made tools, you can add an authentic vintage or retro atmosphere to your posts and stories, without messing up with multiple settings. Actions allow you to experiment with different styles with a single click and are fully flexible to suit your preferences.

Downloading this pack, you get 40 Vintage Photoshop actions that allow diversifying your wedding, street and portrait photos. You can also use them to create grainy images that look like they were shot with an old camera. There are also plug-ins that can fill your pictures with gentle warm colors.

Those specializing in portrait photography can make good use of this package with 290 portraits actions. The collection contains tools that will turn any portrait into a vintage image with discolored shades. To make the effect more dramatic, alter sharpness and saturation.

This collection contains 65 actions that are suitable for enhancing street, children, engagement and wedding photos. With their help, you can emphasize warm shades, add a pink shade and light leaks. It is possible to turn any photo taken with a DSLR into something that looks like it was taken on a film camera.

To produce a vintage effect in wedding photos, check out this collection of Vintage Photoshop actions. It contains 125 instruments created by professional retouchers. You can use them to turn wedding shots into retro stories with colors and shades being on point.

To make your photos look like frames from old movies, you can use the actions from this collection. It includes 220 professional actions and 20 brushes to add a vintage feel to your photos. You can easily change hues or add light leaks.

The bundle comprises 80 actions to add warm tones to your photos, reduce saturation and fix contrast defects. As a result, you get a portrait photo in a vintage style, without long photo post-processing.

You can create sweet family or children photos using Vintage Photoshop actions from this pack. Add a nostalgic mood of film photography to your photos and adjust saturation to mimic the faded look. What makes these filters so popular is the way they preserve details in pictures. In total, there are 50 actions in JPG and RAW formats.

These tools provide the easiest way of changing the saturation of your photo and complementing it with pastel tones. Choose from 60 tools to create a vintage effect and give your photo an amazing color interplay. You don’t have to spend hours improving tones, just choose the action that suits your style.

This package contains actions that resemble Instagram filters. You can choose from 45 actions, 2 of which belong to a retro group. You can accentuate the blues-green gamut, play with saturation and increase contrast in one click.

Rely on this collection with 60 actions if you want to create unique vintage-style images. Using them, you can add a warm matte effect to your photos. They work especially great with portrait, landscape, and urban shots.

This bundle consists of 50 Vintage Photoshop filters that allow transforming your street photos into frames from old movies. Each of them is helpful for adjusting contrast, saturation and tone levels. Use them to add a film-inspired look, a vintage vibe and create a retro aesthetic.

With the actions from the VHS collection, you can produce original, vintage-style shots. Retouchers got inspired by old VHS cassettes and embodied their ideas in this pack. Choose from 20 actions to quickly give your images a retro look.