8 Art Ideas That Can Completely Transform Your Living Room

8 Art Ideas That Can Completely Transform Your Living Room

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8 Art Ideas That Can Completely Transform Your Living Room

The living room is usually the focal point of the home. It is where you and your friends gather to tell funny stories or watch a movie or where you and your family sit and talk about your lives together.

Everyone pays attention to how to make their living room look great, but sometimes it’s hard to decide how to decorate the room. Whether that be the furniture, the color palette, or the wall décor.

Your living room is the best space in your home to show your artistic side. The side that loves good paintings and aesthetic-looking rooms. The art on the walls in your living room can say a lot about you to the visitors in your home.

This article will help give you some ideas on how to transform your living room by buying art from an art gallery, which gives a room so much of its character and charm.


8 Art Ideas That Can Completely Transform Your Living Room

Having a great-looking living room doesn’t have to be expensive. You can do almost anything DIY (do-it-yourself) and though it may not be a painting of the Mona Lisa, it can still look great and give off the vibe you want for your living room. 

The best part about DIY is the fact that you can say with pride you made the art that is on your walls, it doesn’t have to be a painting if you don’t paint, there are many forms that art can take. A few examples of ideas for DIY art are: 

  • Frame different wallpapers and fabrics that match the color palette of your living room
  • Make a large collage of your own photos to have an artistic yet personal feel to your walls in the living room
  • Go to your local antique shop and find pieces that you can hang that speak to you personally. Many antiques can be purchased for next to nothing
  • Frame your children’s artwork
  • Frame pages from antique maps or from old books

There are many ways to DIY art in your living room, but when in doubt, go antique. It almost always looks good and artistic and can be found cheap if you are willing to hunt for the looks you want.

2. When in Doubt, Go Abstract

8 Art Ideas That Can Completely Transform Your Living Room

An abstract painting can complement your living room perfectly if you find one with a similar or a matching color scheme. One of the best things about abstract is that even if you aren’t Jackson Pollock, anyone can make some form of an abstract painting. 

If you can’t afford to buy an original professional abstract painting but want to have something unique, you can buy a canvas and some paint from the store and make one of your own, it might be a great conversation starter next time you have guests.

3. Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper can give your living room an elevated, layered look that you just can’t get from a painted room. It’s best to keep it somewhat simple and use colors that match your living room’s furniture.

To add even more to an artistic wallpaper, make a gallery wall over the wallpaper of different photos and small framed art pieces, which will further enhance and give depth to your living room.

4. Sculptural Art Adds Depth

Art doesn’t have to be two-dimensional, using sculptural art in your living room wont only makes it look great, but will also add a depth that cannot be achieved the paintings that are only 2D. 

You can choose to have neutral objects or use your sculptural art to bring pops of color to the room, either way, you can’t go wrong here.

Just be sure if you want bright color in the art that much of the room is already neutral in color, which will make the artwork pop that much more without clashing with other colors. 

5. Simple Artworks are Great for Minimal Aesthetic

8 Art Ideas That Can Completely Transform Your Living Room

Using simple, neutral pieces as a great way to complement your minimal style in your living room.

If you are going for the minimalist look, choose just one or two larger pieces of art to use as the focal points of the room and keep the rest of the wall bare to highlight these pieces.

 6. Hire a Muralist 

If you have the budget for original artwork, another option is to have a muralist make you a custom bespoke wall mural in your living room. 

This will obviously be the focus of the room and will make your living room much more unique than the typical living room. Choose something that you won’t get tired of seeing because, with a wall mural, you can’t sell it or relocate it to a different room. 

7. Mirrors Can Be Art Too

If you have an open space in your living room, you can always add a great mirror to this point to help give the room an improvement.

If using a mirror for art, it should be somewhat of a statement mirror. So go antique or abstract to make it work as an art piece and not just a space filler.

If you have an antique mirror frame that doesn’t match your color scheme, click here to see how to paint antique mirrors.

8. Greenery for the Perfect Living room Décor

8 Art Ideas That Can Completely Transform Your Living Room

House plants are in style right now and can be used in more places than just your windowsill.

Hang or mount a few plants in your living room to help give the room a beautiful modern-style look. A few different types of plants to put in your living room can be found here. 

An Artistic Beautiful Living Room Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive or Complicated

If you want to ensure your art looks great and transforms your living room, follow these tips. Most of these tips are inexpensive and will take your living room from boring to amazing quickly with just a couple of pieces of art.

Art is such a big part of wall décor but isn’t tied to just being canvas art. There are many ways to bring artistic life to your living room as you see here. There is no better place to start bringing art into the home than in the living room, where people have their guests.

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