How to Turn a Seemingly Terrible Essay Into a Masterpiece

How to Turn a Seemingly Terrible Essay Into a Masterpiece

Are you stuck with your essay? And no matter what you do, it still reads terrible? Well, every student experiences such a thing. Even the best one. There’s always going to be that one paper that is a total headache. Whether it’s a complex topic, a tough subject, or a strict professor, you still need to pass this writing assignment. Know more in detail about How to Turn a Seemingly Terrible Essay Into a Masterpiece.

And you can totally do it even if it feels hopeless at times. Do not scratch and delete all the work you’ve done so far. No matter how terrible you think the paper came out, there are a few things to correct for your essay to turn into a great piece of writing. And here are six tips and tricks to pay attention to for taking your paper to an A+ level in no time.

Look at the Best Examples

To make any changes to a paper, you need to see the problems first. And the most efficient way to do so is the side-by-side comparison with the A+ essay. Take any paper written by a professional from the take my online class for me service. Look at the overall flow and structure of the essay. Define what makes it great. Is it seamless transitions between paragraphs?

Or, is it the stylistic choices like a great hook in the introduction or a punchy thesis statement? Remember to have a seemingly bad paper of yours right beside the exemplary one. The contrast will help you define what sets them apart. And that makes it easier to see what needs to be fixed so that your paper will be a fine one as well.

Work on the Structure

Oftentimes the problem is not the content of the paper but its structure. You might be onto something. But the idea is getting lost and scattered in the uneven organization of the paper. Get a habit of working on your paper around basic structure.

That includes:

  • Introduction. Write 3-4 sentences max ending with a killer thesis statement.
  • At least three body paragraphs. Each of them has to start with the main point and continue with a few sentences of argumentation with a short conclusion at the end.
  • Conclusion. It’s usually the same size as an introduction. Add no new information, just a brief summary and rephrasing of your thesis statement.

So, if you organize your research around this structure, you’ll get an excellent paper worthy of the essay writing service quality. And the best part is that you won’t have to start your paper from scratch. Just reshape it to fit the formula above.


Pay Attention to Your Sources

A solid argument can only come from academic research. And it’s only possible if your research for the paper is based on credible sources. Do not waste your time paraphrasing blog articles. Make sure that your paper relies on valid peer-reviewed sources from trusty academic databases like EBSCO or Google Scholar.

But let’s say that you already used credible sources, and the paper still seems terrible. Then, you have to analyze a few things more. Are these sources relevant? Do not use outdated articles that are over ten years old. Pay attention to how your chosen sources contribute to proving your point. Thus, you don’t just straw-man your data but use it as evidence.

Formatting Is Key

A messy paper includes lousy formatting. You’ll be surprised how many points you lose solely by neglecting proper citation style and setting the wrong margins.

Do not let technical mistakes ruin your paper. Of course, it’s difficult to memorize every detail about each of the formatting styles. But you don’t have to do that to get your APA style right to a T.

The secret is pretty simple. Use the trick of professionals at the write my essay services – have templates. Create Word documents with the most common formatting styles. MLA, APA, and Chicago Turabian are a solid start. Thus, you’ll have a properly formatted template for every paper of yours. And all you need to do is write your essay in one of them.

Don’t Overuse Citations

At the same time, do not go overboard with in-text citations, even if they are properly formatted. It might be tempting to do so to simplify reaching the necessary word count fast. But extensive in-text citations just ruin your paper. They take up space that you could use for making an argument instead.

Thus, you end up with legal copy-pasting of other people’s thoughts. True, you won’t get in trouble with plagiarism. But you won’t express your opinion much as well. And your professor is not going to appreciate this approach.

So, cut down in-text citations to a minimum. Go with paraphrasing instead. And don’t lose your voice in the arguments.

Edit Thesis Statement Mercilessly

Finally, pay close attention to your thesis statement. The paper is only as good as its most important sentence. No wonder most points are usually detracted because of the poorly written or unclear thesis statement.

Do not fall prey to this mistake. Never settle for the first variant you came up with. Moreover, it’s not likely that even the second one will qualify.

Your thesis statement will require the strictest editing possible. Always makes some changes even after the whole paper is finished. Thus, you can fit it in the context in the best way possible.

And if you struggle with being ruthless here, turn to the best paper writing services for help. Their professionals know nothing but merciless editing.

Wrapping Up

That’s about it. No matter how terrible your paper seems, you can easily turn it into a masterpiece by following these tips.

Make a side-by-side comparison with an already well-written paper to spot major problems. Shape your data and research around a typical structure for an academic paper.

Make sure that your sources are credible and complement your arguments. Use templates for the most common formatting styles and tone down in-text citations.

Finally, pay close attention to your thesis statement and edit it without mercy.

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