Can You See Who Likes Your YouTube Video? – Know Your Viewers

Curious who the people who liked your YouTube videos are?

This article tackles the possibilities of learning who your video likers are. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or simply curious about your particular video audience, it leads you through this process.

Let’s clarify some myths about YouTube engagement together and discover if you can see who likes your YouTube video or not.

If the viewers enjoyed the video, they can help grow your likes; if they didn’t, they can push the dislike buttons. You can check your own likes, dislikes, and subscriptions from your activity feed.

As a creator, you will likely be keeping track of these numbers. You may be curious to know who liked your YouTube videos. Is it possible to know who did, though?

Seeing Who Liked Your YouTube Videos

Knowing who liked your YouTube video and being able to look at their own YouTube account to see what your viewers watch may be a helpful tool as a video creator.

Unfortunately, YouTube Creator Studio doesn’t offer a service like this for security reasons. You can only see a person’s liked videos if their liked video list is public on their YouTube channel.

But there are other useful tools to use as a content creator to understand your audience better and improve your channel.

Using YouTube Analytics to Grow Your YouTube Channel

All of your videos contribute to your channel content; there is only one official way to know more about those contributions. YouTube analytics is incredibly useful for you if you have any video content. While YouTube may not offer you the names of your likers Audience Tab can offer you key metrics cards about how your subscribers and viewers engage with your content.

  • Which of Your Videos Grow Your Audience?
    In the last 90 days, this report shows which of your videos helped you grow your channel your videos that got the most watch time, and reach unique viewers. You can use it as a sign to understand better your YouTube audience and what they want.

  • How Long Is Your Subscriber Watch Time?
    This report shows how long your audience watched and what percentage of your subscribers and viewers watched your videos. Using this information, you can adjust the length of your videos according to your viewers’ attention span.

  • Subscribers Notification Data
    Your subscribers get notified about your live streams and new video uploads by clicking the bell icon.
    The YouTube analytics section shows how many subscribers get notifications from your YouTube channel.

  • What Are the Things Your Audience Watched?
    This report shows the other channels, other videos, shorts, and live streams that your subscribers are watching on YouTube over the course of the last seven days. You can use this data to get inspiration for a new YouTube video, thumbnail ideas, and ideas for your channel or next live stream.

  • More About Your Demographic
    This key metrics card shows information like gender distribution, new viewers, and their geographies. Using various metrics like these can allow you to shape your content and grow your channel to be more appealing to your viewers.

Setting Up Notifications for Your YouTube Channel.

Let’s answer our main question: How can you see who likes your YouTube video? You can click on your YouTube profile picture in the top right corner of your YouTube page and go to settings. You can see the notification tab on the left side of your screen. You can choose how you want to be notified about your YouTube account through email notifications. You can get email notifications whenever you receive an update of a like, a new subscriber, or a new comment on your channel.

Other Ways to Monitor Your YouTube Activities: SMM Panels

While monitoring metrics like likes, views, and comments is still important, Social Media Marketing (SMM) panels offer a game-changing improvement to your monitoring abilities.

SMM panels are reputable and trusted online platforms seeking to boost your social media engagement authentically. These sites provide services such as real likes, genuine followers, and comments on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. SMM panels that are trusted by influencers and businesses etc., give a way to increase your online presence organically.

Among these, JustAnotherPanel is the best option, providing various tools to boost your YouTube presence. With JustAnotherPanel, you can easily track and analyze your video likes, receiving insights that help you optimize your content strategy.

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