Brand Marketing: Tips to Increase Your Online Visibility

Cannabis Brand Marketing: Tips to Increase Your Online Visibility

September 28, 2022 By 6 Comments
Cannabis Brand Marketing: Tips to Increase Your Online Visibility

As cannabis gets legalized in more US states, the businesses working in the weed niche face tougher competition from new market entrants. Besides, the very marketing concept fits loosely into the weed industry because of numerous legal issues and limitations.

Unethical or deceitful marketing messages can quickly ditch all your marketing efforts. So, it’s vital to weigh every component of your marketing strategy and opt for safe, effective, and time-proven methods of your product’s promotion. Here is a quick guide to the essentials of cannabis marketing.

Do’s and Don’ts of Weed Marketing

When you start out, creating a sound foundation for your business development is vital. So, your first marketing steps should be:

  • Developing and launching an informative, well-designed website;
  • Capturing leads and welcoming your prospects on the website to convert them into buyers;
  • Organize contacts well to set up an effective CRM.

Conversion is impossible without a neatly constructed sales funnel. So, you need to have a hook relevant to your target audience, give truthful and appealing content on the website, and offer the right calls to action once your prospects are ready.

Now, what about don’ts? Here are the major flops that can cost you user trust and even get you into legal trouble:

  • Don’t underestimate the value of a professional brand image. You work for it first, and then it works for you;
  • Mind the regulations. Marketing campaigns can’t showcase cannabis consumption, can’t come with cannabis hashtags, and are not allowed on official advertising platforms like Google or Facebook;
  • Never lie, deceive, and exaggerate. If you don’t have reliable scientific evidence to back the claims about your products’ therapeutic value and benefits, it’s better to say they are simply great.

How to Market Your Weed Brand Effectively?

Cannabis Brand Marketing: Tips to Increase Your Online Visibility

Now let’s cover some tips from weed marketing pros that will help you survive and thrive in this super competitive niche.

#1 Loyalty Program Setup

Customers like a personal touch, no matter what product they buy. So, you have a good chance to win the hearts and wallets of your regular consumers by offering them a loyalty program.

Some dispensaries award points for every purchase, adding them as bonuses to the client’s account and allowing them to get a discount on the next purchase. Others give generous rewards for friend referrals. Those who bring a friend who places an order get a part of that payment and a lifelong fee from the referral’s subsequent purchases.

Finally, you can launch a loyalty card campaign and give your regular consumers physical or virtual discount cards. These cards may come with various perks and bonuses, like added discount percentages, sales, and special offers. The card’s status can change as the client purchases more, giving them a sense of a premium status and access to exclusive deals.

#2 Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

People tend to believe other people readier and stronger than they do with overt marketing. Thus, brand ambassadors and social media influencers work well, even though followers understand it’s yet another form of paid promotion.

You can get to the hearts of your customers quickly if you engage a couple of local social media influencers and attract well-known people as your brand’s ambassadors. They can advertise new arrivals at your dispensary, show how your products can be used, tell people about your new special deals, and attract attention to your brand in a whole lot of ways.

#3 Educational Content

Cannabis Brand Marketing: Tips to Increase Your Online Visibility

Educational content is a killer method of increasing user trust and customer loyalty. It’s a time-proven marketing technique that boosts people’s engagement with your brand and makes customers intuitively prefer you to other brands. If you’re unsure how to educate people on safe and responsible weed use, check to see how it works and what content is needed to boost user awareness about weed.

#4 Customer Engagement

Another way to establish effective marketing funnels with your target audience is to boost direct customer engagement with your brand. This can be done in several ways; the key element here is interactivity. You can explore the following options:

  • Ask people for feedback during physical encounters (if you have an offline dispensary);
  • Send emails or social media requests to subscribers, asking for reviews;
  • Ensure your website has a review link so every customer can complete a short survey at their convenience.

Using these methods of customer feedback elicitation, you’re sure to keep your finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction. You can detect any process flaws or quality problems early, rectifying everything before it’s too late. Besides, people like to see that their opinion matters; they trust such brands and tend to come with more orders to customer-centric companies.

#5 Consistent Branding

Consistent design is every cannabis brand’s secret weapon. It can help boost your brand’s memorability and recall among people accessing your products via different channels. If you keep the product design, the offline POS’s interior, and website design related, your users will surely enjoy a better shopping experience.

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