How to Buy Cryptocurrency and Which Crypto to Pick?

How to Buy Cryptocurrency and Which Crypto to Pick?

As the cryptocurrency market is developing, greeting many new promising projects, crypto trading is gaining momentum. It allows people to make money even on the downward moving market, using advanced tools. Learn more about How to Buy Cryptocurrency and Which Crypto to Pick? To succeed in trading, you should complete the following tasks:

  • pick a digital asset for investment;
  • learn trading strategies and pick one;
  • evaluate risks;
  • find out your reading methodology;
  • find a reliable crypto platform.

The safest crypto exchange for trading is the one having a high level of safety for clients and stores users’ funds offline on cold wallets. The best option today is the WhiteBIT platform – an intuitive and advanced exchange that maintains a high level of user safety and services.

How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency for Profit ?

First, let’s talk about what crypto assets are worth buying. Here are some parameters that will help you analyze:


  1. Market capitalization. The higher the cap indicator, the more stable the asset is towards market fluctuations; therefore, the better its long-term growth. So if you want to invest for a long period of time, select from the market’s best crypto in terms of cap: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Mid-cap coins are a good choice if you wait for the market’s growth soon, for such assets are more sensitive to volatility and follow the market trends easier.
  2. White paper. Read a project’s white paper before making a decision to invest in it. The document should contain the main idea and vision of the project, its real application, technology explanation, etc. 
  3. Supply. It is better to buy crypto with limited supply because scarcity provides a higher demand, and the higher the demand, the bigger the price.

Use the safest crypto exchange WhiteBIT to buy crypto assets. You may do it with fiat via your bank card. It takes a few simple steps: registration, verification, creating an order, paying the fee, and receiving crypto in your wallet in the end.

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