Asset Protection: The Strategy for the Wise

Asset Protection Strategically

Have you ever thought that your assets may be taken away from you one day? Even if you are not very rich and you are not engaged in any kind of illegal activity, the money in your bank accounts may be arrested, and your real estate may be seized following a lawsuit… If you want to be sure this will not happen to you, you should have an asset protection strategy. There are plenty of instruments available that will add much more safety to your financial life. Know more about how you can do Asset Protection Strategically.

Welcome to our portal called International Wealth where you will find more detailed information on why asset protection is important, what instruments are the most efficient, and how you can use them. You will find out that asset protection can be legal and at the same time almost absolute: your capital will be kept in a stronghold and your creditors will not get to it in 99.99% of cases even if they win a court case against you.

We have seasoned experts who will help you. First of all, you can get all the information you need from them if you have no time to read many articles and find the most appropriate asset protection methods for you. Second, they can help you with setting up a particular instrument – for example, an offshore trust – with minimal involvement. Book a session by following the above link and make your first step toward the safety of your assets!

Benefit from Competent Asset Protection Strategies

Are there any cases when asset protection does not help? Yes, there are, and these include wrong decisions and incompetent setup of structures. For example, a trust in Nevis and a trust in the UK are absolutely different things: the first one will protect you like a fortress against a court decision, while the second one will not.

We recommend using the help of experienced specialists not to lose your assets while trying to protect them.

And still, what benefits will you get from a well-thought-out asset protection strategy? Let’s take a look.

Lower Risk of Being Sued

Lawyers do not file lawsuits unless they see that there is a possibility of winning the case. It means that they will investigate how vulnerable your assets are before they decide to sue you and try to take them away. If your assets are kept in a potential stronghold and they see only a 0.01% chance of getting to them, there is no point in starting litigation – which means fewer problems for you!

Strengthen your Insurance Coverage

Many people use liability insurance agreements to protect their assets. However, the protection they provide is not absolute, and it is better to combine them with a trust in a suitable jurisdiction or a foreign LLC.

Cut your Expenses

Even if a lawsuit has been filed against you, a good asset protection strategy will make it possible for you to pay less when you have to settle court cases. What is more, if you pay a lot of taxes on your assets in your country of residence, you will be able to optimize the rates with the help of specialists.


More Privacy

There are cases when you want to remain a secret owner of assets, and you will surely find the countries that can keep your identity private. Of course, all the opportunities we will offer are perfectly legal: cheating in asset protection matters is out of the question.

Stable Life

Your personal and business life cannot be stable enough unless you are sure that you will be able to pay the bills and invoices tomorrow, in a week, and in two months. If your assets are under reliable protection, you are confident that your plans will be realized as planned.

Keep Your Wealth Intact for Heirs

Most people on Earth have heirs, and they want their assets to be transferred to them intact. And while we cannot predict everything that will happen to our planet in the next 50 to 100 years, we can still do all we can to put our wealth in a secure place.

Would you like to find out the best ways of present-day asset protection? Follow the above link and get in touch with our experts!

Which Strategy is Right?

The answer to this question will depend on numerous factors, like your needs, objectives, and preferences, the assets you possess, and the existing risks. Let’s consider each group of factors separately.

Evaluation of Risk

Look at what you do and what you have. What are the main vulnerabilities that can be a potential target for lawsuits? List the main risks you need to avoid as it will help to easily find the most suitable instruments.

Classification of Assets

Different assets need different protection. Make a list of your property by categories: money in bank accounts, real estate, stock and other securities, business interests, and other types of assets.

Instruments and Strategies That Will Suit

Now that you have a list of your vulnerabilities that need protection, you will need to explore different tools existing on the market. You will have to choose the right combination of LLCs, trusts, corporations, insurance policies, and other available instruments. If that sounds difficult, you can contact our specialist with one click.

Asset Protection Strategically

Shall I Venture on My Own?

You may decide to set up an asset protection framework on your own or engage a competent expert. The second option entails an expert’s fee but reduces the risk of losing your assets due to some inaccuracy to zero. Acting on your own will mean studying a lot of information, including the laws of other countries. The choice is yours!

Regular Monitoring

Your asset protection empire needs some brushing up from time to time. New laws take effect, new instruments appear on the market, and old instruments lose their efficiency – all this may require changes in the strategy. You can use the services of an asset protection lawyer on a regular basis or from time to time.

Do you need reliable protection for your assets? No matter whether you want to get more information or are ready to take the first steps with our help and build your asset protection structure, follow the above link to read our portal or book an individual session with an expert to discuss things in more detail.

Do you need reliable protection for your assets? No matter whether you want to get more information or are ready to take the first steps with our help and build your asset protection structure, follow the above link to read our portal or book an individual session with an expert to discuss things in more detail.

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