How to Remove the Background from a Photo: 3 Effective Ways

How to Remove the Background from a Photo: 3 Effective Ways

Removing the background from an image can take less than a minute. To do this, however, you must have the right tools. It is only sometimes necessary to use complex or paid software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw, which also requires having one of the best laptops on the market.

Nowadays, removing the background from an image is something that many online options can do completely free of charge and with just a couple of clicks.

However, sometimes removing a background can be a task that exceeds the capacity of artificial intelligence, so it is always good to have manual options enabled. That is why we have compiled a list of the 3 best ways to quickly remove the background from an image.

In addition, you will be able to do many other things with your image; Without further ado, here are the ways to do so.

Miguel Davao, Removal.AI Miguel Davao is a graduate of literature and linguistics and has been writing content for about 5 years now. He particularly writes content on eCommerce, design, photo-editing tools, and content writing tips.   Currently, he works as a full-time writer at Removal.AI – a fast-growing start-up that offers image processing and AI background remover, web, and app development, and marketing automation. 

How to Remove the Background from a Photo?

Do you work in eCommerce? Do you run a social media page? There are various reasons for removing background from images. Getting a piece ready for digital marketing is one of the most common tasks for designers.

For simple things like removing the background, you don’t need complicated software like Photoshop or to hire a pro. There are several online solutions that can help you if you need help understanding how to edit, regardless of whether or not you’re the type who needs help understanding.

1. Remove Manually Using Tools

Before we go to the newer tools, let’s look at the classics. These tools have been around since before WiFi. Though most would like the user-friendliness of  the AI instant tools, many professionals swear by their thoroughness and many functions.


Manual photo editing allows the user to control the final product completely. All changes are under the user’s control, so there’s no risk of accidental changes. You can manually edit your photos to get the exact look you want. You’ll learn about photo editing software and techniques. Finally, they’re the best to use for accurate results.


It’s time-consuming to edit photos manually. With manual tools, it takes hours to fix a single image. Manual photo editing may require additional software and some knowledge of photo editing software.

A. Adobe Photoshop

In Photoshop, you can remove the background of an image in various ways. As you’ve already discovered, there’s no perfect way (you might get color in between hairs or lose parts of your subject). 

If you work in Paths, you can combine methods, which means you can change the outline of a selection as you go. Use the Quick Selection Tool to select the subject and the Background Eraser Tool to remove background colors. 

You can also make your selection and then click Select and Mask. Then you can alter the edges of your selection or change the nature of the edge (by feathering or increasing the contrast, for example).

You’ll recognize some of these tools from Photoshop. These are the tools that change edges: 

In Photoshop, there are four edge-changing tools

  • You can create freehand selections with the Lasso Tool.
  • It’s Quick Selection, which we’ve already discussed.
  • Object Selection Tool. Photoshop will try to identify discrete shapes or objects within the mask with this option.
  • Use the Brush Tool to paint directly on your selection. Don’t forget to zoom into your image and adjust your brush size. 

Removing the background of an image in Photoshop opens up a world of possibilities, including collages, collateral design, greeting cards, and bespoke items. 

There are many ways to remove backgrounds. This will give you everything you need to combine speed and precision to create the images you want.

B.  Microsoft Powerpoint

You can do it in PowerPoint in two ways. One method is to remove the background and the other is to set the transparent color. Set Transparent Color can be used to remove solid backgrounds from images in PowerPoint presentations. You can only use the Set Transparent Color tool on solid backgrounds shot in a studio without shadows. This tool might not work well with anything that looks solid to the naked eye. There could be texture differences in some pictures with solid backgrounds. You’d probably end up with a partially removed background.

Not every picture you collect for your PowerPoint presentation will have a solid background. Use the Remove Background tool to remove a complex background from a picture. A background can be textures, elements like water or trees, or anything vaguely defined.

The Process:

  • To begin, click on the image to make any changes to it on a PowerPoint presentation.
  • On the toolbar, select the Picture Format tab. This tab isn’t visible if you haven’t selected the image. In such cases, double-click the image.
  • Remove the background by clicking on the Format > Remove Background option.
  • A magenta background will be added to the image by this action. Magenta-colored background demarcation will highlight areas with natural color.
  • PowerPoint’s colored marking only depends on its intelligence, but you can tweak it. To do this, click Remove Background, Mark Areas to Keep, then Mark Areas to Remove.

2. Outsource Editors/Retouchers

You can refine your product images with no background, transparent background, or a vibrant one to create an impact by using background removal tools and software. It is not always the case for a background remover to address all your concerns and deliver exactly what you want. There are times when the outcome isn’t even close to what you expected. When hiring an offshore image editing professional, the experts you hire are adept at handling all kinds of background removal techniques. Therefore, hiring an image editing expert can help you get the job done and meet your expectations.


You need a photo editing specialist if you want your product images to look authentic and professional. With well-suited background techniques, your images can appear appealing to your audience. To give a simpler, clutter-free look, background removal involves removing distortions, blemishes, flaws, marks, dirt, dust, or any unwanted elements from the image. A professional background removal service can also remove, make transparent, or add a vivid hue to the background. This can also be done easily if you have a specific theme or color. You can also manipulate the images according to your needs and requirements. Banners, thumbnails, and ad covers can all be made with photos. Using Photoshop, the look can be accentuated and made more appealing. Photos will be stunning, attractive, authentic, relevant, and professionally sound.


You can outsource your editing in many ways. In-house editing can be done by a full-time or part-time assistant or by a virtual assistant. In addition, there are several editing companies that provide this service to photographers. You will have to spend some money, no matter your choice. On the other hand, some options are much more affordable than others.

A. Ephotovn

How to Remove the Background from a Photo: 3 Effective Ways

When it comes to making sales, an appealing picture is one of the most important elements that help you sell your items. You have a better chance of closing a deal when you pique the interest of your audience with photos. In the same product category, an attractive photograph sells as much as poorly captured one.

 We assist you in realizing the full potential of your product photos by providing top-quality eCommerce image processing services such as background removal and retouching at reasonable prices.  

Send them a test image and your editing specifications. You will receive a pricing quotation within 24hrs. Having decided on the pricing per photo, you can now send them requests through email. WeTransfer, Google Drive, and Dropbox are all safe methods of sending images. The final step is to pay.

B. Fixthephoto

How to Remove the Background from a Photo: 3 Effective Ways

FixThePhoto has been removing backgrounds since 2003. Additionally, it offers color correction, retouching of portraits, newborns, fashion photos, and real estate photos. There are also free Photoshop water textures and Bokeh Photoshop overlays. For beginners, the company offers video overlays and LUTs for free and at an affordable price.

Their team consists of 350+ professional designers and photographers. Background editing costs vary by level: Pro Level, Extra, and Digital. The cost per image is $5, $10, and $15. Some of the deep editing options they offer are masks, changing backgrounds for 5 or more people, removing unnecessary objects, and stitching.

C. Path Edits

How to Remove the Background from a Photo: 3 Effective Ways

You will have to spend much more time correcting mistakes and ensuring everything is usable when you use Path Edits to edit your images.

In addition to removing backgrounds from photos, they also remove people, objects, and retouch photos to enhance their appearance. A reliable and affordable service for removing backgrounds is Path Edits. As a result, they always achieve good results.

The following are some of the reasons Path Edits is one of the best companies:

  • Checking detail clipping at 300%
  • 155+ professional graphic designers worked shifts wisely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A daily production capacity of 8,000 images.
  • A 12-hour, 24-hour, or 48-hour turnaround time is available
  • Client privacy is protected at all times.
  • Email Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Feedback is provided at no charge.

At least six years of experience. In order to remove the background from 50 images, their starting price is $0.80 per image.

3. Use Auto Background Remover Tools

Several advanced objects, elements, and features can be handled by automatic background removal tools. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in advanced remover tools. You manually select your layers, and these tools handle everything else. You can easily edit, modify, and manipulate images this way.

Artificial intelligence-powered tools are trained on millions of real-world photo examples. Businesses, graphic designers, and marketing professionals can all benefit from these systems. We’ll explain automatic background removers’ pros and cons to help you get started.


The most appealing aspect of online background removing tools is their ability to save time. Completing this task using other photo editing software would take a great deal of time. It is possible to perform this task in real time using an online tool. Using a background removal tool will enable you to complete your work on time. You can also consider that online tools can save you money, storage space, are easy to access and use.


It is necessary to remove the background manually. It is unlikely that the outcome will be ideal if you use an internet tool. The effect may be so bad for some complex things that you will decide not to use an online background removal service. Regardless of the instruments you use, no programmed tool can provide accurate results of high quality. There may also be many edges to be encountered. It is quite disturbing to observe these apparent edges.

A. Removal.AI

How to Remove the Background from a Photo: 3 Effective Ways

Using Artificial Intelligence, Removal.AI allows you to remove the background from an image automatically. You will not need to download any apps or make any effort. The application will detect your photo and you will receive neat, clear, and smooth cutout edges. It is even possible to upload more than a thousand images at a time. 

Features include automatic detection of subjects on photographs and the ability to produce neat, clear, and smooth cutout edges. In addition, it can handle hair and other fur edges and upload over 1,000 images at a time.

B. Canva

Canva has had a very dynamic lockdown. Even professional designers have turned to the tool since they dropped a bunch of new features in 2020. Bloggers are no longer the only ones.

Background remover is a great feature. The Pro version of Canva offers many more editing tools, including removing background features entirely or changing the background. Canva is a great tool for editing backgrounds from photos and most graphic design tasks, used by millions of people.

Photo from Pexels


You’re on the right track if you’re working on improving your images using a free application such as Removal.AI or professional tools like Photoshop.

To optimize product images for the web, the background should be removed as a first step. After you have mastered the removal of the background, you should establish a set of standards for cropping, sizing, aligning, and margining.

The learning curve is never-ending, and that is a good thing. As a result, your images will improve, and as a result, your business will also improve.

Author’s Bio:

Miguel Davao, Removal.AI

Miguel Davao is a graduate of literature and linguistics and has been writing content for about 5 years now. He particularly writes content on eCommerce, design, photo-editing tools, and content writing tips.  

Currently, he works as a full-time writer at Removal.AI – a fast-growing start-up that offers image processing and AI background remover, web, and app development, and marketing automation. 

Images: Pexels

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