Using AI in College: Are the Outcomes Worth the Risks?

Using AI in College

Using AI in College has become a hot topic recently. Apparently, AI can do some tasks for you. Moreover, AI can do some tasks better than its creators, humans. The reactions vary. Some were driven to pure hysteria, stating that AI would replace novelists, songwriters, poets, screenwriters, etc. Others embraced the possibility of using AI as a helping hand.

But based on AI’s development at the moment, the art world is safe. AI can replicate a writer’s style, but it cannot carry the ideas and subtexts that authors incorporate in their books. Things are different when it comes to education. You no longer have to search who can do my assignment online, as you can entrust AI to do it for you. At least, that’s what it’s believed to do.

The Risks of Using AI

The debate on whether using AI in education is worthwhile is mainly focused on the ethical aspects. Like, should students earn grades for something that they didn’t do? The question is quite legit, but are there any other risks related to using AI in college? If you google the AI usage-related risks, the search results will be something like this:

  • Artificial intelligence addiction;
  • Human interaction decline;
  • Students’ thinking power decrease;
  • Emotional intelligence shortage;
  • Teachers’ unemployment.

As you can see, most of the risks listed above are the impact AI may have on education in the long run. Yes, in many ways, using AI subverts the whole idea of education. And all that can lead to a future that was well described in multiple dystopian novels. It’s going to be quite a grim and totalitarian world controlled by Skynet.

But, hey, we are already talking about it, so it’s not going to happen. Which means you don’t have that much time to toy with AI for your homework. So, before Skynet sends a terminator to prevent us from writing this article, let’s discuss whether using AI in college is worthwhile.

Premium Users Only

Most likely, you’ve attempted to use one of the free AI tools for your college papers. There’s a problem with using them in free mode. Two problems, to be precise. The first thing is that the word amount is limited. You can get a 150 or 200-word paper, which makes no sense for a college student. After all, you’re expected to write essays amounting to more than 2000 words.

The second issue is the content per se. It has a schoolish flavor to it. It’s surely better than an outrightly robotic text but still not demonstrating the quality required from a college essay. Thus, if you want to get a worthy paper, you should become a premium user. However, that doesn’t mean that your problems end there.

Heavy Reliance on Details

If you think that upon becoming a premium user, you can simply feed the subject of your paper to the AI, and it will produce a perfect paper, you are wrong. You have to sweat over it a bit, or maybe not a bit. You need to tell the AI exactly what it needs to write. This includes not only the title of your essay but the type of it as well.

Depending on the type of your paper, you need to provide what points the AI should focus on in your essay. You also need to provide materials it should quote and sources to use. In other words, you’re going to be responsible for the whole pre-production of your paper. And yet, all that preparations don’t guarantee it will produce something submittable.

Artificial Writing Detected

Okay, we’ve mentioned the ethical aspect of using AI for your homework. You see, the question of whether you should earn grades for something you didn’t write is no longer a rhetorical one. Just like there are plagiarism checkers, AI content detectors are already here.

Just like AI writing tools, AI content detectors are far from perfect. But they are evolving simultaneously. Thus, as AI is getting closer to writing like a human, AI content detectors are getting better at detecting it. This kinda makes the idea of ordering from the top essay writing services more practical than using AI tools. After all, there are no hired writer content detectors.


Final Thoughts: Is Using AI Worthwhile?

So, what do we have in the end? You can’t use AI tools for free if you want compelling results. If you want compelling results, you need to gather most of the information for your essay, create a detailed plan, and point out what to focus on. Okay, this point, however, proves that you’re not going to get your grade in vain. You participated in the creation of your essay, after all.

Despite that, AI content detectors can say otherwise. With all that said, we can conclude that there’s no point in using AI for your college purposes. But maybe the right question is not whether it’s worth using but how to use it? Don’t task ChatGPT with writing your paper. Instead, ask it to suggest ideas for your paper. It can come up with some valuable ideas you didn’t think of.

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